Class PrioritySearcher

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Field, IssueSearcher, Comparable

public class PrioritySearcher
extends GenericConstantsSearcher

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
constantsManager, fieldVisibilityBean
Fields inherited from class
Fields inherited from interface
I18N_BUNDLE, log
Constructor Summary
PrioritySearcher(JiraAuthenticationContext authenticationContext, FieldVisibilityBean fieldVisibilityBean, ConstantsManager constantsManager)
Method Summary
 String getId()
          The unique id of the field
 String getNameKey()
          The i18n key that is used to lookup the field's name when it is displayed
 List getRelatedIndexers()
          Returns a list of FieldIndexer objects.
 Collection getSelectListOptions(SearchContext searchContext)
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getEditHtml, getQuerySnippet, getViewHtml, isRevelentForSeachRequest, isShown, populateFromParams, populateFromSearchRequest, populateSearchRequest, validateParams
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compareTo, equals, getI18n, getName, getVelocityParams, hashCode, hasPermission, init, register, renderEditTemplate, renderViewTemplate, toString
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Constructor Detail


public PrioritySearcher(JiraAuthenticationContext authenticationContext,
                        FieldVisibilityBean fieldVisibilityBean,
                        ConstantsManager constantsManager)
Method Detail


public String getId()
Description copied from interface: Field
The unique id of the field


public String getNameKey()
Description copied from interface: Field
The i18n key that is used to lookup the field's name when it is displayed


public Collection getSelectListOptions(SearchContext searchContext)
Specified by:
getSelectListOptions in class GenericConstantsSearcher


public List getRelatedIndexers()
Description copied from interface: IssueSearcher
Returns a list of FieldIndexer objects. The objects should be initialised and ready for action

List of FieldIndexer objects. Must not be null. Return Collections.EMPTY_LIST if not available

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