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 class AbstractLuceneParameter

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Classes in that implement LuceneParameter
 class AbsoluteDateRangeParameter
          Represents two DateParameter objects.
 class AbstractVersionParameter
 class AssigneeParameter
          Search for Assignees.
static class AssigneeParameter.Unassigned
 class ComponentParameter
          Represents a SearchParameter specifying the ProjectComponent.
 class DateParameter
          Deprecated. You should now use AbsoluteDateRangeParameter which is much more efficient
 class FixForParameter
          Limits search to issues with certain fix-for version(s).
static class FixForParameter.NoVersion
          Handy class for specifying no version set.
 class FreeTextParameter
          This parameter is similar to the StringParameter except that it passes the query through Lucene, which means that you get word stemming etc.
 class GenericMultiValueParameter
 class HistorySearchParameter
 class IssueConstantsParameter
          A base class for the parameters for various IssueConstants.
 class IssueTypeParameter
 class LongListParameter
 class MultipleFieldSingleValueLuceneParameter
          This is a parameter that will search multiple Lucene fields for a single query
 class NumberParameter
 class PermissionsParameter
 class PriorityParameter
 class ProjectParameter
          Limits search to issues within a certain project.
 class RelativeDateRangeParameter
          Can search a relative range with just the one param.
 class ResolutionParameter
          Limits search to issues with certain resolution(s).
 class SingleFieldMultiValueLuceneParameter
 class SingleFieldSingleValueLuceneParameter
 class StatusParameter
          Limits search to issues of a certain status (or statuses).
 class StringListParameter
 class StringParameter
 class StringRangeParameter
          Parameter that uses greater than and less than operators on a String
 class SubTaskParentIssueParameter
          Parameter that can be used for searching for subtasks with specified parent issue ids.
 class UserParameter
 class UsersGroupParameter
          This is a parameter that is used with searching with user groups such as when selecting a user group for reporter or assignee.
 class VersionParameter
          Limits search to issues with certain Affects version(s).
 class WorkRatioParameter

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