Interface IssuePickerSearchService

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public interface IssuePickerSearchService

Service that is used to get a list of Issue for the Issue Picker. This uses IssuePickerSearchProviders to get Issues.

Nested Class Summary
static class IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters
          Class for passing around IssuePicker parameters.
Method Summary
 Collection getResults(JiraServiceContext context, IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams)
          Gets a list of Issue based on query string.

Method Detail


Collection getResults(JiraServiceContext context,
                      IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams)
Gets a list of Issue based on query string. Limited by maxIssueCount.

context - Jira Service Context
issuePickerParams - params for picking issues
Collection of Issue matching search criteria. These can be any type of issues. This collection is never nulll.

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