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 GroupRemoveUserMapper GroupRemoveUserMapper.register(String userName)
          Registers the given userName to be removed from the configured list of default groups.
 GroupRemoveUserMapper GroupRemoveUserMapper.register(String userName, Collection groupNames)
          Registers the given userName to be removed from the specified group names.
 GroupRemoveUserMapper GroupRemoveUserMapper.register(String userName, String groupName)
          Registers the given userName to be removed from the specified groupName.

Methods in with parameters of type GroupRemoveUserMapper
 boolean GroupService.removeUsersFromGroups(JiraServiceContext jiraServiceContext, GroupRemoveUserMapper mapper)
          This method will remove the provided users from the specified groups.
 boolean DefaultGroupService.removeUsersFromGroups(JiraServiceContext jiraServiceContext, GroupRemoveUserMapper mapper)
 boolean GroupService.validateRemoveUsersFromGroups(JiraServiceContext jiraServiceContext, GroupRemoveUserMapper mapper)
          Performs validation to see if the users identified in mapper can be removed from their respective groups by the current user (as specified in the jiraServiceContext).
 boolean DefaultGroupService.validateRemoveUsersFromGroups(JiraServiceContext jiraServiceContext, GroupRemoveUserMapper mapper)

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