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 void BugzillaImportBean.create(com.atlassian.jira.util.BugzillaImportBean.BugzillaMappingBean bugzillaMappingBean, BugzillaConnectionBean connectionBean, boolean enableNotifications, boolean reuseExistingUsers, boolean onlyNewIssues, boolean reindex, boolean workHistory, String[] projectNames, User importer)
          Main method of this bean.
static Map BugzillaImportBean.getAllBugzillaProjects(BugzillaConnectionBean connectionBean)
static Map BugzillaImportHelper.getCountSummariesOverLimit(BugzillaConnectionBean connectionBean, int maxLimit)
          Returns a map of product names (projects) to integer counts of bugs (issues) that have their short_desc (summaries) longer than maxLimit.
 Set BugzillaImportBean.getNonExistentAssociatedUsers(BugzillaConnectionBean connectionBean, String[] projectNames)
          This method will determine all the users that will need to exist in JIRA to successfully import the specified projects and will return the users that do not yet exist.

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