Class ReporterStatisticsMapper

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.AbstractUserStatisticsMapper
      extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.ReporterStatisticsMapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
LuceneFieldSorter, StatisticsMapper

public class ReporterStatisticsMapper
extends AbstractUserStatisticsMapper

Constructor Summary
ReporterStatisticsMapper(UserManager projectManager)
Method Summary
 String getDocumentConstant()
          Get the constant that this field is indexed with.
 SearchRequest getSearchUrlSuffix(Object value, SearchRequest searchRequest)
          Get a suffix for the issue navigator, which allows for filtering on this value.
protected  SearchParameter getUserParameter(String value)
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Constructor Detail


public ReporterStatisticsMapper(UserManager projectManager)
Method Detail


public String getDocumentConstant()
Description copied from interface: LuceneFieldSorter
Get the constant that this field is indexed with.

Specified by:
getDocumentConstant in interface LuceneFieldSorter
Specified by:
getDocumentConstant in class AbstractUserStatisticsMapper
See Also:
IssueDocument, CustomFieldSearcher


protected SearchParameter getUserParameter(String value)
Specified by:
getUserParameter in class AbstractUserStatisticsMapper


public SearchRequest getSearchUrlSuffix(Object value,
                                        SearchRequest searchRequest)
Description copied from interface: StatisticsMapper
Get a suffix for the issue navigator, which allows for filtering on this value.

eg. a project field would return a SearchRequest object who's getQueryString method will produce pid=10240

Note that values returned from implementations should return values that are URLEncoded.

value - This is the same value that will be returned from LuceneFieldSorter.getValueFromLuceneField(String)
searchRequest - is the search request that should be used as the base of the newly generated SearchRequest object. If this parameter is null then the return type will also be null.
a SearchRequest object that will generate the correct issue navigator url to search the correct statistics set, null otherwise.
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