Class JiraLuceneFieldCache

  extended by

public class JiraLuceneFieldCache
extends Object

To paraphrase the Sex Pistols .... "THIS IS NOT A CACHE SONG".

Q. When is a class with the word Cache in it not a CACHE? A. When it doesnt cache anything.

Oririnally this cached stuff but it was found that it consumed a hell of a lot of memory for no benefit (JRA-10111). So the cache.put is never called.

The code for the getCustom() method is taken from Lucence in Action page 198 and as it states on page 199 Lucence takes the results of SortComparatorSource (which this class helps build) and ... wait for it... caches them.

BUT the synchronise calls are still being made and hence JIRA is not as fast as it could be. After each re-index we have a possible contention spot (for each different type of field). Its lucky Lucene caches this output or it might be really slow.

This has all the hallmarks for REFACTORING.

The getCustom() method is still needed, its builds the sorted list of document field values. Its just that it doesnt and SHOULD NOT cache them.

To quote Dylan (Etkin that is, not Bob) .. "this is &^%^%^! Please make it better."

Field Summary
static JiraLuceneFieldCache FIELD_CACHE
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object[] getCustom(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader reader, String field, MappedSortComparator comparator)
 Collection[] getMatches(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader reader, String field)
          Return a BitSet that contains 'true' for every document that
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Field Detail


public static final JiraLuceneFieldCache FIELD_CACHE
Constructor Detail


public JiraLuceneFieldCache()
Method Detail


public Object[] getCustom(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader reader,
                          String field,
                          MappedSortComparator comparator)
                   throws IOException


public Collection[] getMatches(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader reader,
                               String field)
                        throws IOException
Return a BitSet that contains 'true' for every document that

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