Interface SortableCustomField

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMultiCFType, CalculatedCFType, CascadingSelectCFType, DateCFType, DateTimeCFType, ImportIdLinkCFType, MultiGroupCFType, MultiSelectCFType, MultiUserCFType, NumberCFType, ProjectCFType, ReadOnlyCFType, RenderableTextCFType, SelectCFType, TextAreaCFType, TextCFType, URLCFType, UserCFType, VersionCFType

public interface SortableCustomField

Allow a custom field to be natively sortable in the Issue Navigator. Warning: This sort method is a fallback. Generally custom fields will have an associated CustomFieldSearcher, whose SortableCustomFieldSearcher.getSorter(com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.CustomField) method is responsible for sorting. This interface's compare() is only called if no searcher is associated with a custom field. It is an order of magnitude slower than SortableCustomFieldSearcher.

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Method Summary
 int compare(Object customFieldObjectValue1, Object customFieldObjectValue2, FieldConfig fieldConfig)
          Compares the two custom field objects.

Method Detail


int compare(Object customFieldObjectValue1,
            Object customFieldObjectValue2,
            FieldConfig fieldConfig)
Compares the two custom field objects.

customFieldObjectValue1 - Never null
customFieldObjectValue2 - Never null
fieldConfig -
0, 1 or -1

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