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 class AbstractImportPartitionHandler
          Abstract base class that will print "" open and closing tags at the begining and end of handling a document.
 class AttachmentFileValidatorHandler
          This handler inspects attachment entries and if the user is importing attachments will check to see that the attachment file exists for the corresponding database entry.
 class AttachmentPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all attachment entities from a backup file and copies the actual attachment, as specified in the attachment directory into the JIRA attachment format.
 class BackupOverviewHandler
          Performs the first pass on the XML backup for a ProjectImport.
 class ChangeGroupPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all ChangeGroup entities from a backup file.
 class ChangeItemPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all ChangeItem entities from a backup file.
 class CommentPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all comments entities from a backup file.
 class ComponentPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all component entities from a backup file.
 class CustomFieldMapperHandler
          Populates the custom field values that are in use into a CustomFieldMapper.
 class CustomFieldOptionsMapperHandler
          Handles the CustomFieldOption out of the backup data and populates the mapper with the found values.
 class CustomFieldValuePersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all custom field value entities from a backup file.
 class CustomFieldValueValidatorHandler
          This handler is used to give the mapped custom fields an opportunity to validate the custom field values that we are going to ask them to map.
 class GroupMapperHandler
          This is used to find all the defined groups in the backup file.
 class IssueComponentMapperHandler
          Populates which components that are in use by the backup project.
 class IssueLinkMapperHandler
          Populates mappers used in importing Issue Links.
 class IssueLinkPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all issueLink entities from a backup file.
 class IssueMapperHandler
          This will flag values as required for the various Issue related mappers based on the values set in the issues for the selected project.
 class IssuePartitonHandler
          Parses an XML import file and creates a reduced XML file with just the Issues for the given project.
 class IssuePersisterHandler
          Used to inspect issue entries in a backup file, transform the entities and persist them to the database.
 class IssueRelatedEntitiesPartionHandler
          Parses an XML import file and writes a smaller "partition" containing just the values for certain issue-related entities that are valid for the project we are importing.
 class IssueTypeMapperHandler
          Parses global issue types and adds them to the appropriate mapper.
 class IssueVersionMapperHandler
          Populates which versions (fix for, and affects) that are in use by the backup project.
 class ProjectIssueSecurityLevelMapperHandler
          This will populate the IssueSecurityLevelMapper with projects issue security levels.
 class ProjectMapperHandler
          Gets all the old projects defined in the backup XML and populates the old values into a project mapper.
 class ProjectRoleActorMapperHandler
          Collects the ProjectRole actors for a provided project.
 class RegisterUserMapperHandler
          This handler records all users that exist in the backup file and register them with the user mapper.
 class RequiredProjectRolesMapperHandler
          This is used to flag required values in the project role mapper.
 class SimpleEntityMapperHandler
          This will populate the given Mapper with the global values for a simple globally configured object in JIRA.
 class TrackbackPersisterHandler
 class UserAssociationPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all user association entities (voters and watchers) from a backup file.
 class UserMapperHandler
          This is used to flag required values in the user mapper.
 class VersionPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all version entities from a backup file.
 class WorklogPersisterHandler
          Reads, transforms, and stores all worklog entities from a backup file.

Methods in com.atlassian.jira.imports.project.handler with parameters of type ImportEntityHandler
 void ChainedSaxHandler.registerHandler(ImportEntityHandler handler)

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