Interface IssueLinkTypeDestroyer

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public interface IssueLinkTypeDestroyer

Method Summary
 void removeIssueLinkType(java.lang.Long issueLinkTypeId, IssueLinkType swapLinkType, com.opensymphony.user.User remoteUser)
          Removes an issueLinkType from the datastore.

Method Detail


public void removeIssueLinkType(java.lang.Long issueLinkTypeId,
                                IssueLinkType swapLinkType,
                                com.opensymphony.user.User remoteUser)
                         throws RemoveException
Removes an issueLinkType from the datastore. If a swapLinkType is passed (not null) the exsting issue links of the issueLinkType are changed to the swapLinkType. If swapLinkType is null, all issue links are removed.

issueLinkTypeId - the id of the issue link type top delete
swapLinkType - If null issue links are removed, if not null the issue links are changed to this issue link type
remoteUser - the remote user performing the delete operation (needed for change item creating)
RemoveException - if the problem occurs during change item creation or persistence

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