Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.sprint

Interface Summary
SprintCustomFieldService Service-related methods for using the "Sprint" field which GreenHopper cares about.
SprintHistoryService Provides sprint history information for a given query This service is kept separate from SprintQueryService as it has to work low-level in lucene together with values persisted in the issue index added by the Sprint custom field indexer
SprintIndexCheckService Manages the state of the issue index with regards to the default Sprint field and whether or not we are in a good state to search the index on that field.
SprintIssueService Manipulates sprint information stored against issues.
SprintManager Sprint manager as well as cache
SprintPermissionService Provides sprint permission specific methods
SprintQueryService Sprint querying functionality

Class Summary
SprintAOMapper Mapper between SprintAO and Sprint objects
SprintComparator Compares sprints based on their dates
SprintHistoryDataCollector Collects sprint history data for passed issues
SprintHistoryServiceImpl SprintHistoryService implementation
SprintIndexCheckServiceImpl Implementation of the SprintIndexCheckService.
SprintIssueServiceImpl Manipulates sprint information stored against issues.
SprintManagerImpl Implementation of SprintManager
SprintPermissionServiceImpl Implementation of SprintPermissionService

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