Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.customfield.sprint

Class Summary
ClosedSprintsJqlFunction JQL Function to only return closed sprints
OpenSprintsJqlFunction JQL Function to only return open sprints
SprintCFType Singular Object is Sprint, Transport Object is Set (Much like the LabelsCFType)
SprintClauseValidator TODO: Document this class / interface here
SprintCustomFieldIndexer Field indexer for the Sprint custom field Besides indexing the current sprint values, we also index historic sprints as well as store all sprint field change items into the lucene document to allow scope change related searches and data gathering.
SprintHistoryData Data returned by the SprintHistoryEntryFactory
SprintHistoryEntry Represents an sprint history entry, typically stored in lucene
SprintHistoryEntryFactory Encapsulates the logic of creating sprint history entries from either a lucene document or an issue
SprintIndexValueConverter Value converter for Sprint literals (currently these are strings)
SprintSearchInputTransformer Ensure the query is marked as too complex for simple mode in it contains sprint clauses
SprintSearchRenderer We don't provide simple search at the moment, so provide a dummy renderer

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