Class MarkersCollector

  extended by
      extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.util.DocumentHitCollector
          extended by com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.util.collector.SimpleFieldCollector
              extended by com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.util.collector.MarkersCollector

public class MarkersCollector
extends SimpleFieldCollector

This thing basically determines where the position of a marker should be. It's called back for each issue on a _sorted_ list of issues, and counts up the value of the marker till it says "no more" (max reached). That's inside the marker. Then there are special checks for subtasks, trying to include their parent, since markers don't go into subs (?). TODO the subtask logic here is broken if subs are sorted before parents (like a reverse issue key sort). Considering this, we can use the collector for fetching the list of possible parents as well (previously called through board.containsIssue), since it only works if the parent comes _before_ the child.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String NAME
Fields inherited from class com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.util.collector.SimpleFieldCollector
fieldName, value
Fields inherited from class com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.util.DocumentHitCollector
Constructor Summary
MarkersCollector( searcher, java.util.Set<Marker> markers)
Method Summary
 void doCollect(org.apache.lucene.document.Document d)
 java.lang.Object getValue()
Methods inherited from class com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.util.collector.SimpleFieldCollector
collect, getFieldName
Methods inherited from class com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.util.DocumentHitCollector
acceptsDocsOutOfOrder, collect, setNextReader, setScorer
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String NAME
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Constructor Detail


public MarkersCollector( searcher,
                        java.util.Set<Marker> markers)
Method Detail


public void doCollect(org.apache.lucene.document.Document d)
Specified by:
doCollect in class SimpleFieldCollector


public java.lang.Object getValue()
getValue in class SimpleFieldCollector

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