Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.web.rapid.list

Interface Summary
RapidIssueEntryCallbackComponent Allows splitting out pool callback functionality into separate components
RapidIssueEntryQueryService Queries issue entry objects.

Class Summary
CollectIssuesResult Result object returned by the RapidIssueEntry list queries
DaysInColumnCallback Collector to find out the total time an issue spent in the column it's currently in.
EpicCallbackComponent Retrieve the key of the Epic that is associated to each issue (if one exists) and set it onto the RapidIssueEntry.
EpicMetadataCallbackComponent Fetches the epic label value for an issue Note: only one label is loaded.
IssueIdHitCollector Lightweight FieldableDocumentHitCollector that only stores issue ids.
IssueIdVisitingHitCollector An extension of IssueIdHitCollector which also keeps track of issues which have already been collected.
RapidIssueEntry.TimeInColumnFieldValue To provide values which don't change in relation to the current time without mutation of the issue data we split the timeInColumn field into 2 values: enteredStatus the time the issue entered its current status durationPreviously the duration in milliseconds previously spent in status associated with the current column
RapidIssueEntryCallback Specialised data collector for pool issue data.
RapidIssueEntryQueryServiceImpl Provides calculation of swimlane contents functionality

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