Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.rank

Interface Summary
IssueRankingAO New way of ranking issues per rank custom field
RankDao Responsible for persisting and loading issue rank data from/to persistent storage
RankIndexService Allows ranking issues relative to each other.
RankService GreenHopper global ranking service.

Class Summary
IssueRankComparator Comparator for issues according to their parent/child rank
RankableFactory Creates rankable objects from different sources
RankableImpl Rankable implementation.
RankableType Rankable object types defined so far.
RankChange Contains information about what the RankService internally changed.
RankIndex Holds the issue id to position mapping
RankIndexBuilder This factory produces an initialised RankIndex.
RankIndexServiceImpl The rank system is made of two main components: The stored rank, which is a single linked list of issueIDs in an AO table, and the runtime rank index, which is an in-memory lookup map of chained Rank objects that maintain a numeric position index.
RankManager Manager to work with the rank index.
RankServiceImpl RankService implementation.
SortedByRankFieldResult Holds the result of extracting the sorted by RankField from a query.

Enum Summary
RankChange.RankChangeType Defines the different types of RankChange outcomes.

Exception Summary

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