Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service

Interface Summary
I18nFactoryService Provides access to i18n objects
IssueIndexService Provides issue indexing support
PermissionService Provides permission check methods used through GreenHopper
PersistenceService This service wraps the JIRA PropertySetManager as well as provides automatic xstream serialization for a map of data
RequestCacheService Provides methods to load/store information from/to a request based cache.
ServiceOutcome<T> A service result that has an value.

Class Summary
BridgeServiceLocator Deprecated.
GenericCache<K extends Serializable,V> Generic implementation of an entity cache.
GreenHopperCacheManager Currently just provides a way to clear out all caches (used after upgrade tasks).
I18nFactoryServiceImpl Default implementation of the i18n service.
IssueIndexServiceImpl Implementation of the IssueIndexingService interface Wraps IssueIndexManager.
PermissionServiceImpl PermissionService implementation
PersistenceServiceImpl Implementation of the PersistenceService interface Wraps PropertySetManager for persistence.
RequestCacheServiceImpl RequestCacheService implementation.
ServiceOutcomeImpl<T> Generic service outcome that can optionally hold a value.

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