Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.issue

Interface Summary
DefaultFieldsService Provides access to default fields, such as story points
GHIssueService Deprecated.
IssueDataService Provides easy querying of partial issue data.
IssueFieldManager Manages GreenHopper IssueField objects.
IssueFieldService Holds persisted preferences specific functionality that deal with issue fields.
IssueService TODO this is a bit of a kitchen sink, half of the methods are permission related and should be moved out, some are completely unrelated.
IssueTypeService Service layer for conveniently accessing the GreenHopper predefined IssueType objects.
IssueUpdateService This is a work-around for deficiencies in JIRA's IssueService.
SearchService Wrapper around JIRA's SearchService to make results easier to consume in GH.

Class Summary
AbstractIssueEventListener Safety net for issue event listeners.
DefaultFieldsServiceImpl Provides access to fields created by GreenHopper, such as the story points field
IssueDataCollector Lucene collector to read the defined data from the document and pass it on to the callback.
IssueDataFieldSelector Field selector to restrict the amount of information that's extracted from Lucene.
IssueDataServiceImpl Abstraction for a common usage pattern of querying a handful of issue fields from Lucene.
IssueFieldServiceImpl IssueFieldService implementation
IssueTypeSchemeCreationService Encapsulates the issue type scheme creation logic.
IssueUpdateServiceImpl Default implementation -- contains a lot of copy-pasted code.
NotRequiredFieldScreenRenderLayoutItem A "fake" FieldScreenRenderLayoutItem that is not requireable.
SearchServiceImpl Wrapper around JIRA's SearchService to make results easier to consume in GH.

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