Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.issue.callback

Interface Summary
IssueCompoundDataCallback A specialisation of IssueDataCallback which wants all fields and their values in one go to do more complex processing.
IssueDataCallback Abstraction for fetching a limited number of issue field values from Lucene.

Class Summary
AbstractCompoundDataCallback Abstract implementation that
AbstractIssueDataCallback Abstract implementation of a callback
ComposedIssueDataCallback One IssueDataCallback that encapsulates multiples.
IssueAndParentKeyCallback Collect issue keys found and map them to their parent issue's key
IssueCountAndLastUpdatedCallback Collects the number of issues as well as the last updated date across all issues.
IssueIdCallback Lightweight IssueDataCallback that only stores issue ids.
ProjectIssueDataCallback Collects all project ids of given issues
ProjectsCallback Collects all project ids of given issues
RapidViewStatisticsCallback Callback which will retrieve the value of the StatisticsFieldConfig on each Issue that is collected, and accumulate those values per column of the specified RapidView.
SprintAndIssueIdsCallback Collects Sprint IDs.
SprintAndProjectsCallback Collects sprints and associated project ids
SprintIdCallback Collects sprint ids
StatusCountCallback Creates a histogram of statuses and their issue count.
StatusProgressCallback Initialised with the mapping of ColumnProgress to their sets of Status objects, this callback inspects the status of each issue and assigns it to the appropriate ColumnProgress in a map.
VisitingIssueIdCallback An extension of IssueIdCallback which also keeps track of issues which have already been collected.

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