Package com.atlassian.greenhopper.service.charts

Interface Summary
HourBurndownChartService This service is responsible for converting raw data into Model classes for the respective charts.
HourBurndownSpan Represents a burndown span, e.g.
HourBurndownSpanMapper Maps ids to an BurndownSpan object and provides hierarchical data
IssueStatusHistoryCallback Collector-style callback for gathering issue status change history information.
IssueStatusHistoryService Provides status history information in the form of status change timelines.

Class Summary
AbstractIssueHistoryStatusCallback No-op superclass for status history callbacks.
HourBurndownAdapter Deprecated.
IssueStatusHistoryCollector Lucene collector for status changes on the change history index.
IssueStatusHistoryFieldSelector Field selector to make sure we're only picking what's needed.
IssueStatusHistoryServiceImpl Produces status history from the Lucene change history index.

Enum Summary
IssueStatusHistoryCollector.STATUS_CHANGE There are two search keys we are interested in : status.ch_from and status.ch_to.

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