Class StatisticsFieldConfig

  extended by com.atlassian.greenhopper.model.rapid.AbstractModel
      extended by com.atlassian.greenhopper.model.rapid.StatisticsFieldConfig

public class StatisticsFieldConfig
extends AbstractModel

Represents the configuration of a Statistics Field for a RapidView. This configuration closely maps to its representation in persisted storage, namely StatisticsFieldAO.

Note that if you wish to resolve the name of the Statistics Field, you have to get a handle on the StatisticsFieldInstance for this configuration. This can be done using StatisticsFieldService.getInstanceOfField(StatisticsFieldConfig)

See Also:
StatisticsFieldService, StatisticsFieldInstance, StatisticsFieldAO

Nested Class Summary
static class StatisticsFieldConfig.StatisticsFieldConfigBuilder
static class StatisticsFieldConfig.Type
          There are three types of configuration: StatisticsFieldConfig.Type.NONE - no statistics will be calculated for the RapidView StatisticsFieldConfig.Type.ISSUE_COUNT - issues will simply be counted per column StatisticsFieldConfig.Type.JIRA_FIELD - the values stored within the specified JIRA field will be accumulated per column
Field Summary
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Method Summary
static StatisticsFieldConfig.StatisticsFieldConfigBuilder builder()
static StatisticsFieldConfig buildIssueCount()
static StatisticsFieldConfig buildNone()
 java.lang.String getFieldId()
          The ID of the field used insuper(id); this configuration, e.g.
 StatisticsFieldConfig.Type getType()
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Method Detail


public StatisticsFieldConfig.Type getType()


public java.lang.String getFieldId()
The ID of the field used insuper(id); this configuration, e.g. customfield_10000. Will be blank if type is StatisticsFieldConfig.Type.NONE or StatisticsFieldConfig.Type.ISSUE_COUNT.

the String ID.


public static StatisticsFieldConfig.StatisticsFieldConfigBuilder builder()


public static StatisticsFieldConfig buildNone()


public static StatisticsFieldConfig buildIssueCount()

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