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 class IssueType
          Complete information about a single issue type defined in JIRA

Methods in that return BasicIssueType
 BasicIssueType Issue.getIssueType()

Constructors in with parameters of type BasicIssueType
Issue(String summary, URI self, String key, BasicProject project, BasicIssueType issueType, BasicStatus status, BasicPriority priority, BasicResolution resolution, Collection<Attachment> attachments, BasicUser reporter, BasicUser assignee, org.joda.time.DateTime creationDate, org.joda.time.DateTime updateDate, Collection<Version> affectedVersions, Collection<Version> fixVersions, Collection<BasicComponent> components, TimeTracking timeTracking, Collection<Field> fields, Collection<Comment> comments, URI transitionsUri, Collection<IssueLink> issueLinks, BasicVotes votes, Collection<Worklog> worklogs, BasicWatchers watchers, Iterable<String> expandos)

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