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 class Component
          Project component

Methods in that return types with arguments of type BasicComponent
 Iterable<BasicComponent> Issue.getComponents()
 Iterable<BasicComponent> Project.getComponents()

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type BasicComponent
Issue(String summary, URI self, String key, BasicProject project, BasicIssueType issueType, BasicStatus status, BasicPriority priority, BasicResolution resolution, Collection<Attachment> attachments, BasicUser reporter, BasicUser assignee, org.joda.time.DateTime creationDate, org.joda.time.DateTime updateDate, Collection<Version> affectedVersions, Collection<Version> fixVersions, Collection<BasicComponent> components, TimeTracking timeTracking, Collection<Field> fields, Collection<Comment> comments, URI transitionsUri, Collection<IssueLink> issueLinks, BasicVotes votes, Collection<Worklog> worklogs, BasicWatchers watchers, Iterable<String> expandos)
Project(URI self, String key, String description, BasicUser lead, URI uri, Collection<Version> versions, Collection<BasicComponent> components)

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