public class


extends ApplicationEvent
   ↳ java.util.EventObject
     ↳ com.atlassian.bitbucket.event.ApplicationEvent
       ↳ com.atlassian.bitbucket.event.server.OperatingSystemChangedEvent

Class Overview

Event raised after migrating between major operating systems.

Note: This event is delivered synchronously while the system is still starting. Handlers should be as fast as possible to prevent excessive startup delays. If an app can lazily detect and recover from an operating system migration, it's encouraged to not handle this event, or to use this event only to trigger asynchronous processing to allow startup to continue.


Inherited Fields
From class java.util.EventObject
Public Constructors
OperatingSystemChangedEvent(Object source, OperatingSystem newValue, OperatingSystem oldValue)
Public Methods
@Nonnull OperatingSystem getNewValue()
@Nonnull OperatingSystem getOldValue()
Inherited Methods
From class com.atlassian.bitbucket.event.ApplicationEvent
From class java.util.EventObject
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public OperatingSystemChangedEvent (Object source, OperatingSystem newValue, OperatingSystem oldValue)

Public Methods

@Nonnull public OperatingSystem getNewValue ()

@Nonnull public OperatingSystem getOldValue ()