Digest A function that accepts a buffer of bytes, computes a hash from these bytes, and returns that hash as a string, typically in a canonically encoded form that is associated with the specific hash function. 
SshAccessKey Represents the privileged access to Bitbucket to be granted to any outside entity who successfully authenticates with the associated SSH key
SshAccessKeyService Manages SSH access keys and their access to Project projects and Repository repositories 
SshConfiguration The SSH server configuration. 
SshConfigurationService Allows retrieving SSH configuration and updating modifiable configuration. 
SshKey An SSH key that can be used to authenticate with Bitbucket. 
SshKeyFingerprint The fingerprint of an SSH key which can be used for identity verification when making SSH requests. 
SshKeyService Manages SSH keys for users. 



StandardDigests A collection of commonly used digests. 


DuplicatePublicKeyException Indicates an attempt was made to add a duplicate key access when this is not permitted by rules governing the permitted types of duplicate key access entries. 
DuplicateSshKeyException Indicates an attempt was made to add an SSH key that is already associated with a user. 
NoSuchSshKeyException Raised when an SSH key is not found. 
SshKeyAccessDisabledException Thrown when the 'SSH key access' feature has been disabled but a method is called that can only be used when it is enabled.