BulkRescopeContext Provides a context for SCMs to detect pull request rescopes when a repository is updated. 
MergeRequest Represents a request to merge a pull request, intended to allow MergeRequestChecks to validate the intended merge and, potentially, veto(String, String) it. 
MergeRequestCheck This interface is deprecated. in 5.0 for removal in 6.0. Use a repository-merge-check module and implement RepositoryMergeCheck instead. Set configurable="false" on the module to create a hook that is enabled for all repositories.  
MergeRequestCheckService A service that checks preconditions for pull request merges by applying MergeRequestChecks, which can be supplied by plugins, to determine whether merges should performed. 
MinimalPullRequest Describes a minimal PullRequest pull request, providing only the ID, version and PullRequestRef refs. 
PullRequestRescope Describes how a com.atlassian.bitbucket.pull.PullRequest pull request is going to be rescoped. 
RepositoryRescopeContext Provides a context for SCMs to perform rescope calculations and update affected pull requests when a repository is updated.