ArchiveSource Provides access to an archive within an archive. 
EntityExportMapping<K> Provides the ability to map local IDs to instance agnostic logical IDs during an export. 
EntityImportMapping<K> Provides the ability to map generated export IDs to locally created IDs during an import and vice versa. 
EntrySource Provides access to a single file within an archive. 
ExportContext Represents the context for the current export job. 

Data Center Migration Exporter SPI

Implement this interface to export data so that it can be imported by an Importer

ExportSection Allows addition of entries to the export archive, either from disk or directly from a OutputStream stream. 
ImportContext Allows the consumption of entries contained in an import archive. 

Data Center Migration Importer SPI

Implement this interface to import data that has been exported by an Exporter

MigrationEntityType<K> Represents an entity type that can be exported by the exporter SPI. 


MigrationHandlerModuleDescriptor Module descriptor for providing Exporter and Importer implementations. 


CanceledMigrationException Thrown during migration operations to signal the caller that the operation has been canceled and that the caller should clean up the state they own and stop any work.