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AutomaticMergeEvent Base event for automatic merge related events. 
AutomaticMergeEventConverter Converts an AutomaticMergeEvent to an AuditEntry for inclusion in the audit log. 
AutomaticMergeStoppedEvent Raised when an automatic merge cascade did not proceed to the end of the merge path, which may happen due to multiple reasons. 
AutomaticMergeStopReason Enumeration of potential reasons for not completing the automatic merge. 
AutomaticMergeSucceededEvent Raised when an automatic merge cascade is successful, resulting in merge being propagated to the last branch in the merge path. 


BranchClassifier Represents a strategy used by branch models to classify branches belonging to a certain type, as well as return all known branches for a given branch type. 
BranchModel Represents a branch model associated with a Stash repository. 
BranchModelService Manages BranchModels per repository. 
BranchType Minimal information identifying and describing a branch type.