BucketedExecutor<T extends Serializable> Executor that groups submitted tasks in 'buckets' and asynchronously processes these buckets of tasks on worker threads. 
BucketProcessor<T extends Serializable> BucketedExecutor processor that's called when a bucket of tasks is ready for processing. 
LockService Provides various types of locks, all of which are safe to use in a cluster. 
PullRequestLock A reusable component for locking a pull request while an operation is performed. 
RepositoryLock A reusable component for locking a repository while an operation is performed. 
VersionTracker<K extends Serializable> This interface is deprecated. in 4.10 for removal in 5.0. Please use TopicService and asynchronous messages instead to coordinate changes across the cluster.  


BucketedExecutorSettings<T extends Serializable> Configuration object used for constructing BucketedExecutor instances. 
BucketedExecutorSettings.Builder<T extends Serializable> Builder for BucketedExecutorSettings 


ConcurrencyPolicy Policy for concurrency limits