@Deprecated public class


extends AbstractAddFileCommentRequest
   ↳ com.atlassian.bitbucket.comment.AbstractAddFileCommentRequest
     ↳ com.atlassian.bitbucket.comment.AbstractAddLineCommentRequest
Known Direct Subclasses

This class is deprecated.
in 4.11 to be removed in 5.0. The Comment API is going through a maintenance cycle. For more details see the API Changelog

Class Overview

A base class for adding line comments in a diff


Nested Classes
class AbstractAddLineCommentRequest.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, R extends AbstractAddLineCommentRequest>, R>  
Protected Constructors
AbstractAddLineCommentRequest(AbstractBuilder<?, ?> builder)
Public Methods
@Nonnull DiffFileType getFileType()
int getLine()
@Nonnull DiffSegmentType getLineType()
Inherited Methods
From class com.atlassian.bitbucket.comment.AbstractAddFileCommentRequest
From class java.lang.Object

Protected Constructors

protected AbstractAddLineCommentRequest (AbstractBuilder<?, ?> builder)

Public Methods

@Nonnull public DiffFileType getFileType ()

  • the type of the file the comment is attached to

public int getLine ()

  • the line number in the diff

@Nonnull public DiffSegmentType getLineType ()

  • the type of the diff segment the commented line represents