Class GitHubRepository

    • Constructor Detail

      • GitHubRepository

        public GitHubRepository()
    • Method Detail

      • repository

        public GitHubRepository repository​(@NotNull
                                           @NotNull java.lang.String repository)
        Sets gitHub repository name.
        repository - repository name.
      • branch

        public GitHubRepository branch​(@NotNull
                                       @NotNull java.lang.String branch)
        Sets branch to check out.
      • shallowClonesEnabled

        public GitHubRepository shallowClonesEnabled​(boolean useShallowClones)
        Enables/disables shallow clones when checking out from the repository. Fetches the shallowest commit history possible. Do not use if your build depends on full repository history. Shallow clones are switched off by default.
      • submodulesEnabled

        public GitHubRepository submodulesEnabled​(boolean useSubmodules)
        Enables/disables submodule support. Turned off by default.
      • sshKeyAppliesToSubmodules

        public GitHubRepository sshKeyAppliesToSubmodules​(boolean sshKeyAppliesToSubmodules)
        Enables/disabled authenticating to submodules with SSH key configured for this repository.
      • remoteAgentCacheEnabled

        public GitHubRepository remoteAgentCacheEnabled​(boolean useRemoteAgentCache)
        Enables/disables caching repository content on the remote and elastic agents. Bamboo uses caching to reduce bandwidth needed when retrieving source code from the repository. The feature is turned on by default.
      • commandTimeout

        public GitHubRepository commandTimeout​(java.time.Duration commandTimeout)
        Specifies how much time is given for git commands to finish. Default is 180 minutes.
      • commandTimeoutInMinutes

        public GitHubRepository commandTimeoutInMinutes​(int commandTimeoutMinutes)
        Specifies how much time in minutes is given for git commands to finish. Default is 180 minutes.
      • verboseLogs

        public GitHubRepository verboseLogs​(boolean verboseLogs)
        Enables/disables verbose logs from git commands. Off by default.
      • fetchWholeRepository

        public GitHubRepository fetchWholeRepository​(boolean fetchWholeRepository)
        Enforces (or not) fetching all remote refs from the repository rather than single branch. Off by default.
      • lfsEnabled

        public GitHubRepository lfsEnabled​(boolean useLfs)
        Enables/disables git lfs support. Off by default.
      • defaultChangeDetection

        public GitHubRepository defaultChangeDetection()
        Resets all change detection options to defaults.
      • baseUrl

        public GitHubRepository baseUrl​(java.lang.String baseUrl)
        Checks base Url. Default is ""