Class VcsChangeDetection

  • public class VcsChangeDetection
    extends EntityPropertiesBuilder<VcsChangeDetectionProperties>
    Represents change detection options that can be set when defining a VCS repository in Bamboo.

    These option control features around change detection an build triggering, such as: filtering of changes, commit isolation, etc.

    • Constructor Detail

      • VcsChangeDetection

        public VcsChangeDetection()
    • Method Detail

      • quietPeriodEnabled

        public VcsChangeDetection quietPeriodEnabled​(boolean quietPeriodEnabled)
        Enables/disables quiet period feature on the repository.

        Quiet period allows you to delay building after a single commit is detected, aggregating multiple commits per build. Feature is disabled by default.

      • quietPeriod

        public VcsChangeDetection quietPeriod​(java.time.Duration quietPeriod)
        Defines quiet period duration, that is time Bamboo should wait after a new change, before initiating a build.
      • quietPeriodInSeconds

        public VcsChangeDetection quietPeriodInSeconds​(int quietPeriodInSeconds)
        Defines quiet period duration in seconds, that is time Bamboo should wait after a new change, before initiating a build.
      • quietPeriodMaxRetries

        public VcsChangeDetection quietPeriodMaxRetries​(int maxRetries)
        Defines maximum retries count for quiet period, that is how many time Bamboo should check for new changes before initiating a build regardless of the outcome.
      • commitIsolationEnabled

        public VcsChangeDetection commitIsolationEnabled​(boolean commitIsolationEnabled)
        Enables/disables commit isolation. Commit isolation forces Bamboo to create one build result for each commit. Feature is supported by Subversion repository only and disabled by default.
      • configuration

        public VcsChangeDetection configuration​(@Nullable
                                                @Nullable java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> configuration)
        Sets plugin specific custom configuration.

        This fields exists for the sole purpose of future extensibility. As of Bamboo version 6.0, no plugins using this field exist.

      • changesetFilterPatternRegex

        public VcsChangeDetection changesetFilterPatternRegex​(@Nullable
                                                              @Nullable java.lang.String changesetFilterPatternRegex)
                                                       throws PropertiesValidationException
        Excludes certain changes from being picked up by Bamboo.
        changesetFilterPatternRegex - a regular expression to match the commit messages to be excluded.
      • filterFilePatternRegex

        public VcsChangeDetection filterFilePatternRegex​(@Nullable
                                                         @Nullable java.lang.String filterFilePatternRegex)
                                                  throws PropertiesValidationException
        Sets regular expression to be used when filtering commits by affected files.
        filterFilePatternRegex - a regular expression to match the file to be included / excluded