Class BambooOid

  • public class BambooOid
    extends EntityPropertiesBuilder<BambooOidProperties>
    Represents an unique identifier of Bamboo entity (project, plan, repository, job, etc.) Those identifiers are generated by Bamboo and thus are not available when creating new objects, therefore secondary identifiers, i.e. BambooKey and names can be used as well. It is recommended however, to use these identifiers when updating existing Bamboo data or transfering data between Bamboo servers as they provide stronger guarantees nb. uniqueness.

    If both oid and a secondary identifier is present, oid has higher priority. In particular, when both oid and name is present it is possible to rename an existing object.

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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      BambooOid​(@NotNull java.lang.String oid)
      Specify an entity oid from its string value.