Bamboo Specs Reference

Bamboo Specs recognize two ways of creating plans, with Java or YAML. Select the one that matches your needs best.

Java Specs

Use Java to define your plans and deployments
Complete Bamboo features coverage
IDE support, code autocompletion, code refactoring
Language features such as loops, libraries etc.
Offline and online validation
Project project = new Project().key("DRAGON");
Plan plan = new Plan(project,
        "Dragon Slayer Quest",
    .stages(new Stage("Default Stage")
        .jobs(new Job("Default Job", "JOB")
            .tasks(new ScriptTask()
                        "echo 'Going to kill " +
                        "the dragon, watch me'"))));

YAML Specs

Use YAML to quickly define your plans
Perfect for simple use cases and easy to set up
No dependencies on external tools
Programming language agnostic
Online validation
Learn more
  key: DRAGON
    key: SLAYER
    name: Dragon Slayer Quest
  - jobs:
      - scripts:
          - echo 'Going to kill the dragon, watch me'
          - sleep 1
          - echo 'Nailed it'