Frequently asked questions

What is AUI?

AUI stands for Atlassian User Interface. It is a UI library developed internally for creating a user interface according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG).

Read the latest documentation.

What is the ADG?

ADG stands for Atlassian Design Guidelines. It is a set of principles and guidelines for designing and building awesome Atlassian experiences.

How do I include AUI in my project?

Follow the instructions to serve AUI from CDN or download the static files for the latest version of AUI, or see the AUI CDN listing page for examples of serving from CDN.

How do I know what version of AUI my project is using?

You can type AJS.version into the browser console, or refer to the data attribute on the body element:

How do I find documentation for an older version of AUI?

Visit the Archive page to find documentation for older versions of AUI.

How do I contribute to AUI?

See the guide to contributing to AUI.

I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?

Ask a question to get help from the community.