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Packages that use RoleMapper

Uses of RoleMapper in com.atlassian.seraph.auth

Classes in com.atlassian.seraph.auth that implement RoleMapper
 class GroupRoleMapper
          Deprecated. You should extend SimpleAbstractRoleMapper, or implement RoleMapper directly. Deprecated since v2.2
 class SimpleAbstractRoleMapper
          Provides a simple base implementation of RoleMapper.

Methods in com.atlassian.seraph.auth that return RoleMapper
protected  RoleMapper DefaultAuthenticator.getRoleMapper()
          override this method if you need to retrieve the role mapper from elsewhere than the singleton-factory (injected dependency for instance)

Uses of RoleMapper in com.atlassian.seraph.config

Methods in com.atlassian.seraph.config that return RoleMapper
 RoleMapper SecurityConfigImpl.getRoleMapper()
 RoleMapper SecurityConfig.getRoleMapper()

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