Jira Report

Key Summary Status Resolution By
PL-245 Commit changes against issue doesn ' t appear to do anything Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-174 test Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-36 Get source coverage / metric information from Bamboo about the current file Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-41 Create, comment or update notifications within a confluence space (as you might have a " team " space or project space) Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-42 Ability to add comments on a confluence page or reply to a comment - within the IDE. Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-43 Check in notifications Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-48 Editing or creating confluence pages Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-47 Test/build optimization via bamboo+clover Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-44 Eyecandy graphs from stored data Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-1598 Show JIRA issues in build Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1597 Streaming currently building logs to IDEA Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1596 Be able to see build currently in progress Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1595 Quick search any build result and quick open it via shortcut Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1594 Open any build result, not just the last completed one Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1593 View a list of recently completed builds per plan (build history) Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1592 Open custom filter result in the browser Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1591 Context menu for filters in CRU reviews - get rid of the " filter summary " panel Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1590 Context menu for filters in JIRA issues - get rid of the " filter s ummary " panel Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1589 Multiple custom filters Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1588 Specifications for REST APIs needed for editing an issue for JIRA 4, and beyond Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1587 Pre-fetching of files in review (cache review files) Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1586 Fisheye commit notifications Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1585 Read/Unread support for comments in IDEA (CRU 2.0) Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1584 Spike iterative review feature in IDEA - how can we do it? Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1583 Specifications for REST APIs needed for FE/CRU 2.0 features Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1582 Offline support reviews Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1581 Offline support for issues Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1580 Activity stream, events inbox concept Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1579 Simple configuration for JIRA Studio - only for creation. Once created, server are treated as separate entities Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1578 Create developer docs for connector commons library available for public use Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1577 Package up connector commons as a utility library available for public use Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1566 Exception when closing project Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1557 Start IDE and open altassian panel Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1554 Got NuPo Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1544 Exception deactivating issue Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1537 Refactor CfgManager Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1535 Refactor ServerId Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1530 CCE in plugin Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1528 When activating issue plugin asks me if I want to deactivate it (issue changed after activation) Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1524 Unable to login and use JIRA using client certificate Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1517 I get an empty tree when sorting bamboo view by Server Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1508 Comment edit popup does not show XML properly Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1500 NullPointerException while commiting to svn Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1499 The DialogWrapper can be used only on event dispatch thread Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1497 Exception after double-clicking an issue Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1490 Error on Idea Startup Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1488 NullPointerException when < chart > tag is missing title attribute Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1483 CCE when doing nothing special Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1475 Null pointer exception while clicking in Tests tab of Bamboo plugin Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1459 Open Diff For Review Results in " no file(s) at that revision " Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-1454 Files from change set are not included in Review Closed Cannot Reproduce Janusz Gorycki
PL-1451 NPE during test connection Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1447 NPE when selecting non existing jira server Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1446 Cannot validate credentails with Crucible Resolved Fixed Wojtek Seliga
PL-1435 @NotNull exception while reopening the project Closed Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1421 NPE - Recently Vieved Reviews Closed Cannot Reproduce Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1411 NPE after adding a new server Closed Cannot Reproduce Janusz Gorycki
PL-1408 exception when doing pretty much anything with JIRA 4.0 snapshot Closed Not a bug Unassigned
PL-1405 NPE on trying to transition issue to " testing " Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1397 Issues want to deactivate themselves very eagerly Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1394 Unable to getActions for issue and change issue state Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1388 workflow actions clear original estimate, remaining estimate (time spent?) on StAC (maybe also other JIRA versions?) Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1383 NPE when opening recently open issues popup using shortcut Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1381 Add comment to revision should be ahead of a Add general comment Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1370 After runinng workflow action, issue ends up in two states in teh issue list - " Open " and " Testing " Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1360 NPE while doing Alt+F1 Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1352 NPE when loading issues (?) Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1351 JIRA panel does not display any issues Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1348 NPE while doing nothing special Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1345 Exception after reopening a project Resolved Fixed Wojtek Seliga
PL-1341 Can ' t add a comment in diff mode without a comment having already been added Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1317 NPE on available actions for issue Closed Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1313 Issue list is not refreshed after action (e.g. " start progress " ) is invoked Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1312 CCE in Jira Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1311 Incorrect mouse pointer for JIRA issue link hilighter Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1310 For pre-commit reviews: if a file is already open while we are opening the review in IDE, comments and changes are not hilighted Resolved Cannot Reproduce Janusz Gorycki
PL-1308 Exception trying to navigate the review Closed Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1301 Exception trying to create a pre-commit review from the popup menu Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1300 Exception on IDEA startup Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1287 404 when opening a file in crucible Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-1279 Exception on pre-commit review navigation Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1278 Comment edir popup does not allow any action when remote exception occurs (greyed out) Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1277 JIRA link highlighter does not work when two files with the same name (other packages) are opened Closed Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1276 Exception when doing nothing special (JiraLinkHighlighter) Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-1255 Encoding problems Clos ed Fixed Wojtek Seliga
PL-1240 Share credentials across different servers Resolved Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1228 CRU custom filter dialog has all fields disabled forever Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1225 NPE in crucible custom filter dialog Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1219 NPE in Connector Closed Fixed Piotr Maruszak
PL-1210 IllegalArgumentException when clicking ' check new version ' button Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1208 Error after first edit Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-1186 Resolved some sub tasks of a user story in greenhopper (outside plugin) and assigned a new subtask to myself. Then in intelliJ I did a refresh. Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1185 Tried to refresh issues Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1180 Double clicked on JIRA issue and got an Exception Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1178 JIRA Custom filter is not applied after edit - no change on display and no refresh Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1177 Disabled server settings are not persisted Closed Cannot Reproduce Wojtek Seliga
PL-1173 Refreshed list of filters from JIRA server Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-1169 Issue detail view does not refresh some fields when model changed Resolved Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-1168 CCE on changing grouping order in JIRA view Resolved Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-1167 Exception when clicking the Edit button of Custom Filter in JIRA tab Closed Fixed Unassigned