Jira Report

Key Summary Status Resolution By
PL-245 Commit changes against issue doesn ' t appear to do anything Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-174 test Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-42 Ability to add comments on a confluence page or reply to a comment - within the IDE. Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-41 Create, comment or update notifications within a confluence space (as you might have a " team " space or project space) Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-44 Eyecandy graphs from stored data Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-43 Check in notifications Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-48 Editing or creating confluence pages Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-47 Test/build optimization via bamboo+clover Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-46 Farm local builds to bamboo (a la team city - build/test local changes on a remote machine/grid instead of your local machine) Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-36 Get source coverage / metric information from Bamboo about the current file Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-416 Cannot connect to https-server using selfmade certificate Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-415 IDE Fatal Error: Component name collision Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-411 Unable to connect to JIRA server through intellij Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-408 " String index out of range: -1 " after refresh in JIRA view Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-400 NullPointer Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-399 Create checklist for comprehensive manual tests Testing Unresolved Piotr Maruszak
PL-393 Error contacting server after successful connection in settings dialog Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-386 NPE is thrown when trying to create a jira issue using the plugin in IDEA Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-376 Proxy authentication problems on IDEA startup Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-367 in the filter config panel, " fix for " version list box always shows version for the first ever selected project. Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-347 Doesn ' t seem to work properly when you have multiple frames/instances of IntelliJ open Testing Unresolved Piotr Maruszak
PL-346 Right clicking on an issues causes a stack trace in IntelliJ Closed Duplicate Janusz Gorycki
PL-345 Leftclick on JIRA issue casues error and no menu item visible Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-337 exception in IntelliJ when right-clicking in filtered list Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-335 Typo in check now dialog Closed Fixed Mike Cannon-Brookes
PL-332 The build failures are not reported on upgrade to 1.2.0 Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-329 saved filters no longer work Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-326 Doesnt accept ssl untrusted certificate In Progress Unresolved Lucas Guminski
PL-317 404 Not Found connecting to Crucible Open Unresolved Tom Davies
PL-267 Automatic update mechanism doesn ' t inform about version 1.0.1 Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-261 Upgrade does not work properly when only SVN number is different Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-247 Bamboo tab in the control panel - change " Tooltip " to " Popup " Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-242 Odd Crucible URL behaviour Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-240 Show us the reason for Failures Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-237 To add license headers to the project Closed Fixed Lucas Guminski
PL-234 Empty plugin window when configuration file is missing Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-230 run bamboo plan failed Closed Not a bug Marek Went
PL-229 JIRA: Pageable JIRA result sets Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-204 remove clover license file from the sources (and still make it build) Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-198 Trailing slash breaks plugin Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-182 after deleting a Crucible server from the plugin preference dialog, the " OK " and " Apply " buttons don ' t work. Closed Cannot Reproduce Unassigned
PL-181 Exception if connection refused from Crucible Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-180 Refactor configuration to separate configuration and runtime options Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-178 NPE on fresh install Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-173 JIRA tab: during manipulation of comboboxes throws exception Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-170 allow columns to be resized Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-168 Don ' t show JIRA/Bamboo/Crucible tabs in main plugin panel unless a server is configured Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-166 Feature Requests should be done via theplugin Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-160 There is no way to open closed tab in tool window - click on icn should reopen closed tab Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-159 Click on Bamboo icon causes NPE when Bamboo tool window is closed Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-156 patch sent to crucible in the review creation does not have newlines in it, resulting in no files in the review displayed by crucible Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-154 Create review creates review that causes server error Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-147 The plugin is currently published to PUBLICLY available place Closed Not a bug Janusz Gorycki
PL-141 improvement to crucible tab layout Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-123 Null pointer exception in UserDataContext Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-109 JIRA issue panel should allow you cancel a request Closed Won ' t Fix Mike Cannon-Brookes
PL-107 server URL field should be able to process URLS without https:// or http:// Closed Fixed Jacek Jaroczynski
PL-93 bring clover test coverage to at least 65% Closed Won ' t Fix Janusz Gorycki
PL-74 Empty configuration causes plugin crash Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-49 create environment for plugin development Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-30 Show all reviews that involve the current file Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-22 When making a commit, highlight and check issue keys. If they ' re invalid, show in red; If they ' re valid, show summary/assignee/preview on mouseover Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-17 Build information inside the IDE. Show build details: Source files involved in the commit - open in IDE Open Unresolved Marek Went
PL-38 Comment on issues Closed Fixed Mike Cannon-Brookes
PL-35 For a given test, jump to the execution history, run details inside Bamboo Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-26 A single update stream - much like the JIRA Studio Stream Feature Specification, but inside the IDE. Per project Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-25 make JIRA keys links in the source code Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-24 Maintain a list of " recently used " issues across JIRA and plugin (useful in commit dialogs, scan from commit messages, persistent in JIRA etc) Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-19 Run actions from the build: Re-run the build in Bamboo Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-32 Source info (including revision currency), particularly when it comes to drawing pictures of branches/tags/versions of the current file Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-29 Green/red dot showing whether the current file revision is reviewed/not reviewed/draft. Show the comments from the review in the gutter of the file Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-27 JIRA issues related to this file (sourced from looking at commit messages) Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-31 Whenever you see a file in a web application, single click link to open it in the IDE (JIRA, Fisheye, Bamboo) Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-37 Edit / manage issues Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-23 autocomplete on my assigned tickets Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-39 Select a project and a version, to filter down " lists " of issues to your assigned issues Closed Fixed Mike Cannon-Brookes
PL-28 show all comments for the file in the gutter of the file Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-18 Build information inside the IDE. Show build details: Related JIRA issues - open in web browser Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-33 Add comments against lines in the file - ie show a review in the IDE Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-45 store plugin configuration in the atlassian-ide-plugin.xml file in project ' s root Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-21 Post-commit reviews in IDE In Progress Unresolved Marek Went
PL-40 An in IDE view of the issue, focussing on stack traces and related code pieces Closed Fixed Unassigned
PL-34 Review creation dialog in the IDE rather than in the web browser Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-20 Create review upon commit with a single click, including issue key (from commit message) and files - bounces to web Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-15 Build information inside the IDE. Run actions from the build: Re-run failed tests from the build in IDE Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-14 Build information inside the IDE. Show build details: Show log - stack traces link to files in IDE Open Unresolved Janusz Gorycki
PL-16 Build information inside the IDE. Run actions from the build: Comment / label the build Closed Fixed Marek Went
PL-3 Plugin infrastructure - store credentials for each remote service, manage connections to those Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-4 store plugin configuration per-user Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-7 when red dot in PL-6, show details on mouseover Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-9 Pre-commit reviews with a single click - bounce to web to complete. 1. Select from currently modified files to generate a patch; 2. Upload patch and create review in background; 3. Open browser to where review is Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-10 Notify you in the IDE when you are involved in a review. Include the number of pending reviews Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-11 Present a list inside IDE of links to reviews on CRU Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-6 Build notifications - show red/green dots for selected projects/plan Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-8 autoupdate capability with " pinging home " to see how many people use the plugin, or at least notification of new version Closed Fixed Lucas Guminski
PL-5 plugin configuration dialog, allowing setting up service URLs, usernames, passwords, etc. - FOR BAMBOO Closed Fixed Janusz Gorycki
PL-13 Build information inside the IDE. Show build details: Show failed / passing tests - open in IDE (view test) or web browser (view test history) Open Unresolved Piotr Maruszak
PL-443 JIRA server filters do not work for me Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-442 " Unable to connect: Read timed out " when attempting to log in to Bamboo server Open Unresolved Unassigned
PL-418 AIOOB after dbl-clicking on a Crucible review Closed Fixed Unassigned