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Packages that use ViewType
com.atlassian.gadgets.embedded.internal Handles construction of gadget <iframes>, rendering, and URLs to Shindig's gadget rendering servlet. 
com.atlassian.gadgets.spec Contains classes related to Gadgets' Specification XML. 
com.atlassian.gadgets.view Contains classes related to the rendering and display of gadgets. 

Uses of ViewType in com.atlassian.gadgets.embedded.internal

Methods in com.atlassian.gadgets.embedded.internal with parameters of type ViewType
 boolean GadgetViewFactoryImpl.canRenderInViewType(GadgetState state, ViewType viewType, GadgetRequestContext gadgetRequestContext)

Uses of ViewType in com.atlassian.gadgets.spec

Methods in com.atlassian.gadgets.spec with parameters of type ViewType
 boolean GadgetSpec.supportsViewType(ViewType viewType)
          Check if a particular view is supported in this spec

Uses of ViewType in com.atlassian.gadgets.view

Fields in com.atlassian.gadgets.view declared as ViewType
static ViewType ViewType.CANVAS
static ViewType ViewType.DEFAULT

Methods in com.atlassian.gadgets.view that return ViewType
static ViewType ViewType.createViewType(String name, String... aliases)
          Creates a ViewType with the given canonical name and optional aliases.
 ViewType View.getViewType()
          Returns the ViewType of this gadget which will be rendered.
static ViewType ViewType.valueOf(String value)
          Returns the ViewType associated with the value.

Methods in com.atlassian.gadgets.view with parameters of type ViewType
 boolean GadgetViewFactory.canRenderInViewType(GadgetState state, ViewType viewType, GadgetRequestContext gadgetRequestContext)
          Returns true if the gadget represented by state can be rendered with the given ViewType for the locale specified in the GadgetRequestContext.
static boolean ViewType.removeViewType(ViewType viewType)
          Removes a ViewType.
 View.Builder View.Builder.viewType(ViewType viewType)
          Sets the ViewType to use

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