JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version
Task AG-797 Document the Gadget JavaScript Library Major  
Improvement AG-881 JS unit testing commit copies files outside of target/ directory, puts jars in the repo, and uses antrun Major 1.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-895 Move dashboard plugin js files from src/main/resources to src/main/javascript Major 1.0.0.rc1
Bug AG-854 New version attribute is lost when new DashboardState object is constructed in the DashboardImpl Blocker 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-875 Build failure due to IllegalAccessError Blocker 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-869 Maven : tests failing with parent pom update, and -Pdebug exits Critical 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-568 IE7: Colour changes don't work Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-768 Review the bundled dependencies Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-808 Text on "Add Gadgets" screen Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-810 User can view and edit the position of a gadget within the canvas view of another gadget in a spcific gadget position. Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-826 Non-admin shouldn't see "add gadget to directory" button Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-828 Log Jersey client output in tests Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-829 Change parent POM so that AG deploys to the public repo Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-832 Cleanup compiler warnings Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-836 Non admin user should n't see "Remove" button for external gadgets in gadget directory. Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-839 More tests for dashboard changes Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-840 Backend changes for REST design change Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-844 Error Gadget REST representation should include an error message Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-846 remove DashboardStateStore.store Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-874 Moving gadget from one dashboard to another is confusing with the current API Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-886 Main
not closed in dashboard.vm
Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-897 Upgrade Atlassian Plugins to 2.3.0.rc1 Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-724 Update usages of ConsumerTokenStore.put Minor 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-884 Errors and warnings in IDEA Minor 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-785 NullPointerException on DTAC Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-792 OutOfMemoryError running integration tests Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-798 Gadgets are positioned incorrectly on refresh Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-843 Inconsistent test failure in UserPrefsTest Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-688 Allow gadget requests to the same server as the container to avoid the extra proxy step Critical 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-749 Performance improvements in DashboardStateStore Critical 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-799 Positioning bug with tabs and drag and drop Critical 1.0.0.m13
New Feature AG-806 Add findDashboardWithGadget(GadgetId) to DashboardStateStore Critical 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-29 Evaluate security options for the gadget HTTP proxy Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-319 Evaluate and determine proper setting for lockedDomain Shindig property Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-320 Evaluate and determine proper setting for securityTokenType Shindig property Major 1.0.0.m13
Story AG-321 Evaluate Shindig renderer security options Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-390 Searchbox in gadget browser doesn't reset when you "select all and delete" Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-416 HTML and CSS to render tabs Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-514 Adding gadget in multi column layout doesn't add the gadget to the column that was selected Major 1.0.0.m13
Task AG-700 Backport Shindig fixes for OAuth session fixation attack Major 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-705 use isDisplayed instead of none style check in GadgetTabsTest Major 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-728 Clean up output from tests Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-756 AG site deployment: JIRA report isn't updating Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-757 GadgetViewFactory/ViewSettings API changes Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-770 Remove superfluous assertions from UrlUtilsTest Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-772 Merge UrlUtils and Uri Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-774 GadgetSpecUrlRenderPermissionServletFilter should check for null ctor params Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-775 GadgetSpecFactoryImpl should check for null ctor params Major 1.0.0.m13
Task AG-776 Integration test for OAuth makeRequest Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-777 Rename View to ViewType, rename ViewSettings to View Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-782 Adding a gadget to the right column (by clicking on the link in the placeholder) doesn't work Major 1.0.0.m13
Task AG-784 GadgetSpec should be a concrete, immutable class Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-787 Adding a new gadgets adds it to the bottom of the column instead of the top Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-788 Can't drag a tall gadget all the way to the bottom position, b/c it's not allowed to go off-screen Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-790 Drop traget doesn't move when going horizontally Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-794 oauthcallback relies on a Google URL Major 1.0.0.m13
Task AG-801 UserPrefSpec should be a concrete, immutable class similar to GadgetSpec Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-816 IE7: Layout dialog skews width badly Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-821 Memory Leak in Shindig Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-822 IE7: dropdown menus don't persist Major 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-831 Use visitor pattern for dashboard changes Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-835 Re-name 'name' vars in test gadgets because Safari is retarded Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-101 SPI addition to render Dashboard Tabs Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-519 Can't drag the move icon Minor 1.0.0.m13
Task AG-559 Upgrade HtmlUnit to 2.5 Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-661 Gadget security tokens expire after an hour, breaking AJAX in gadgets that have been left open in a browser Minor 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-673 Clicking on gadget titles takes you to the gadget makers home page, rather than adding it Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-682 User is not able to expand a minimized gadget dragged from another column. Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-690 URL title not showing up with certain colours Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-692 Deletion of an external gadget(present on user's dashboard) by admin from gadget browser, show gadget with HTTP 410 status on user's dashboard Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-759 Problems with Canvas mode and Minimization Minor 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-778 Add tests for GadgetViewFactoryImpl Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-789 The TestWebResource Gadget's background changes color on hover Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-813 Empty column height is too large Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-815 Gadget drop down is not fully acessible if the gadget is last in the column and minimized Minor 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-819 Convert all i18n strings to use AG.param Minor 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-318 QA Blitz Test:Just dragging the object away from its current position and dropping it back to its original location reloads the gadget Trivial 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-763 Add Gadget performance regression in refimpl Critical 1.0.0.m12
Sub-task AG-481 Put the ui-tests module back in the parent POM Major 1.0.0.m12
Sub-task AG-483 Allow Selenium tests to be run from Maven on local development builds Major 1.0.0.m12
Task AG-536 Ensure Shindig can work from behind a web proxy Major 1.0.0.m12
Improvement AG-696 Fix GadgetUrlBuilder string concatenation and reenable associated checkstyle check Major 1.0.0.m12
Sub-task AG-764 Remove .iml file from ui-tests Major 1.0.0.m12
Improvement AG-745 Refactor GadgetResourceTest Minor 1.0.0.m12
Task AG-767 Project structure clean-up Minor 1.0.0.m12
Improvement AG-436 i18n message with parameters not working from velocity Minor 1.0.0.m11.2
Bug AG-758 Drag & Drop is broken Blocker 1.0.0.m11.1
Improvement AG-453 I18n Test gadget should hide expected values for locales other than the current one Major 1.0.0.m11.1
Bug AG-750 Build error: Unresolved constraint in bundle 25: package; (package=org.apache.commons.beanutils) Blocker 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
New Feature AG-41 Write tests to confirm support for Gadget tabs Feature Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Improvement AG-255 stop escaping some text Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Story AG-430 Upgrade Shindig Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Improvement AG-538 DashboardTester should have methods: createReadWriteDashboard(), createReadOnlyDashboard(), createPrivateDashboard() that handle IDs internally Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Bug AG-602 Incorrect use of PluginSettingsFactory.createSettingsForKey Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Improvement AG-607 GadgetViewFactory should allow view parameters to be specified Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Improvement AG-676 Code refactorings dependent on google collections 1.0-rc1 Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Bug AG-679 XSS bug due to dashboard title not being escaped Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Improvement AG-686 Don't allow creation of inconsistent DashboardState objects Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Sub-task AG-698 Update vendor branch from upstream version 1.0-incubating Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)
Sub-task AG-699 Update AG to new vendor branch Major 1.0.0.m11 (Iteration 21)