JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version
Task AO-1 Update Active Objects dependency to 0.9-m2 Major 0.5.2
Improvement AO-2 Enable 'migration' of ActiveObjects entities when the service is ready Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-4 Implement SPI to allow host to provide DataSource Major 0.6
Improvement AO-5 Remove SQLException from ActiveObjects APIs Major 0.9
Sub-task AO-10 Namespace entity table names so plugins cannot clash Major 0.7
Task AO-12 Get active objects to pass its current tests Blocker 0.6
Sub-task AO-14 Add a _very_ simple logging facade in ActiveObjects Major  
Sub-task AO-26 SummitSpike: Use a DataSource instead of a JDBC URL Major 0.6
Story AO-27 ActiveObjects module type Major 0.8.1
Sub-task AO-28 Create the AO module Major 0.8.1
Sub-task AO-30 Create configuration to set entities to work with Major 0.8.1
Bug AO-33 SummitSpike: Class loading issues with SPI library Major  
Story AO-34 Allow ActiveObjects to work with DataSources Major 0.6
Story AO-40 Make sure AO plugins can take part in products transactions Major 0.7
Sub-task AO-41 Limit the number of tables allowed per plugin Major 0.9
Sub-task AO-44 Move current SPI to SAL Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-45 Create backport of SAL datasource api Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-46 Implement data source API/SPI for Confluence Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-47 Implement data source API/SPI for JIRA Major 0.9
Sub-task AO-52 Read and understand summit spike Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-53 Make the net.java.ao.EntityManagerBuilder the 'only' way to configure ActiveObject Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-54 Make DatabaseProvider work off of a DataSource only Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-55 Refactor com.atlassian.activeobjects.internal.DatabaseDirectoryAwareActiveObjectsFactory to use the com.atlassian.sal.api.sql.DataSourceProvider Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-56 Release a version of ActiveObjects with DataSource support Major 0.6
Sub-task AO-59 Implement data source API/SPI for the Refapp Major 0.6
Task AO-60 Get a factory for hibernate sessions in Confluence, exposed to plugins Major 0.6
Story AO-62 Sandbox ActiveObjects database access Critical 0.7
Sub-task AO-63 Prevent calls to EntityManager#migrate to read/access data other than the plugin's Blocker 0.7
Improvement AO-65 Take care of migration at plugin start up Major 0.8.1
Improvement AO-66 Make using transaction simpler Major 0.9
Bug AO-67 Database connection can't be closed when using JIRA Major 0.7.1
Bug AO-68 Using an existing database, the plugin will fail trying to re-create existing tables Major 0.7.2
Improvement AO-69 The active object library doesn't deploy its sources on release Major 0.9.1
Improvement AO-70 Implement prefix from md5 of plugin key Major 0.8.1
Task AO-72 Test Active Objects library against HSQL Major 0.8
Task AO-73 Test Active Objects library against HSQL Major 0.8
Task AO-74 Test Active Objects library against MySQL 5.x Major 0.8
Task AO-75 Test Active Objects library against PostgreSQL 8.1 Major 1.0
Task AO-76 Test Active Objects library against PostgreSQL 8.2 Major 1.0
Task AO-79 Test Active Objects library against Oracle 10g Major 1.0
Task AO-80 Test Active Objects library against Oracle 11g Major 1.0
Improvement AO-83 Move DataSourceProvider SPI from SAL back into AO Major 0.8.1
New Feature AO-84 Add backup API to SAL Major 0.8
Improvement AO-85 Implement #getDatabaseType() correctly for Confluence SPI implementation of DataSourceProvider Major 0.8.1
Improvement AO-86 Implement #getDatabaseType() correctly for JIRA SPI implementation of DataSourceProvider Major 0.8.1
Task AO-87 Make AO plugin register (and unregister) AO capable plugins for backup Major 0.8.1
Improvement AO-88 Expose table name generator as an OSGi service Major 0.8.1
New Feature AO-90 Allow plugin to override the key used for namespacing table names Major 0.8.1