JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version
Sub-task AG-546 IE: Gadget preferences form does not close on save Major  
Task AG-797 Document the Gadget JavaScript Library Major  
Bug AG-929 The doc link labels are inconsistently capitalised. Change 'create your own gadget' to 'Create your own gadget' Trivial  
Story AG-251 Write Integration Documentation Major Backlog
Bug AG-1176 Build failure on GadgetSpecFeedResourceTest Blocker 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-922 Viewing the gadget preference in canvas mode hides part of the gadget Major 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-934 Cursor changes to "move" icon on gadget header hover in read only dashboards Major 2.0.0.rc2
Improvement AG-1130 Opensocial compliance tests Major 2.0.0.rc2
Improvement AG-1149 Use better matchers in test code Major 2.0.0.rc2
Improvement AG-1154 AppData should use app-specific namespace Major 2.0.0.rc2
Improvement AG-1155 PersonId validation Major 2.0.0.rc2
Sub-task AG-1156 APP009 : update request with key "*" and empty values should delete all fields Major 2.0.0.rc2
Sub-task AG-1157 PPL802 : Handling for out-of-bounds person requests Major 2.0.0.rc2
Sub-task AG-1158 Look at ActivityService compliance tests Major 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-888 IE6: Operations Tools item has no hoverstate Minor 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-931 After adding a gadget, exisitng gadget fields overlay the gadget browser on IE6 Minor 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-950 Add external gadget textbox has different behavior(gadget error, not proper/ supported) when user try to add gadget by clicking enter/clicking "Add button" Minor 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-1132 Put focus in search box when bringing up the directory dialog Minor 2.0.0.rc2
Bug AG-909 The alignment of menu icons for gadgets having canvas mode in not straight Trivial 2.0.0.rc2
Story AG-254 Product Directory Interchange Major 2.0.0.rc1
Task AG-1050 Upgrade Atlassian Plugins to 2.4.0 Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1070 Improve OpenSmocial SPI JavaDocs Major 2.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-1094 View list of subscribed directories Major 2.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-1095 Unsubscribe from subscribed directory Major 2.0.0.rc1
Bug AG-1096 ajs-gadgets does not properly translate jQuery dataType values to makeRequest content type values Major 2.0.0.rc1
Bug AG-1111 Styling of the login & approve button looks bad Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1112 Configure redirection of context-sensitive online help links for Gadgets 1.0 and Gadgets 2.0 Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1117 Fields parameter for PersonService Major 2.0.0.rc1
New Feature AG-1119 add MediaItem to our Activity implementation Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1120 Move opensocial.model classes into API from SPI Major 2.0.0.rc1
Task AG-1123 move use of fields out of our ActivityService Major 2.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-1124 Store absolute feed URIs Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1127 Minor changes to social domain objects Major 2.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-1139 Make subscribed feed storage transactional Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1141 Change activity / appdata service APIs to take PersonIds everywhere, instead of Person objects Major 2.0.0.rc1
New Feature AG-1145 Standalone servlet for configuring the subscribed gadget feeds Major 2.0.0.rc1
Bug AG-1146 Resource / statefulness leak in OpenSocialTest / spammy log output Major 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1147 Highlight newly added subscription Major 2.0.0.rc1
Bug AG-1109 GadgetProcessor fails when a static resource path contains $ Minor 2.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-1121 replace default constructor for Activity.Builder and Person.Builder Minor 2.0.0.rc1
Task AG-1142 Split MakeRequestTest to gadgets that use standard makeRequest and gadgets that use AJS.Gadget Minor 2.0.0.rc1
Sub-task AG-480 Ensure there is a Selenium build that send notifications to committers Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-969 Allow admininstrator to define list of other directories to subscribe to Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-970 Display gadgets from more than one directory in the Directory Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-1022 Remove old ajs-gadgets.js Major 2.0.0.m4
Bug AG-1026 AG.params that should be null take on previous param's value Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1048 make gadgets transparently remember and default to their last vertical size Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-1055 Mavenize template generation Major 2.0.0.m4
Bug AG-1062 Multi-select field only stores the last selected option Major 2.0.0.m4
Bug AG-1063 Checkbox doesn't save anything to user preferences Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1066 Change version 1.1 to 2.0 Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-1067 Change the version number in the POMs from 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-1068 Change the 1.1.0 version in JIRA to 2.0.0 Major 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-1069 Chance @since tags from 1.1 to 2.0 Major 2.0.0.m4
Bug AG-1071 Transaction handling for OpenSocial Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1075 small review changes for activity service Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1076 small review changes for appdata service Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1077 small review changes for person service Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1078 ActivityService.createActivity should take an Activity, not an Activity.Builder Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1079 use domain classes to represent IDs Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1080 changes to IncorrectStoredDataException Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1081 ActivityService.createActivity should return Activity Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1082 Fields parameter in ActivityService implementation Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1083 Change spring/guice binding of opensocial services Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1084 specUrl/appId passed into service methods should be relative? Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1086 Better signature for AppDataService.updatePersonData Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1087 Fixed set of Person attributes across apps? Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1089 Reevaluate our Activity class Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1090 Concurrency audit of PluginSettingsActivityService and PluginSettingsAppDataService Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1092 Examine SecurityToken wrapper Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1093 Unit tests for AppDataService Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1097 PluginSettingsAppDataService should treat empty set of fields as "all fields" Major 2.0.0.m4
New Feature AG-1100 Implement ShindigActivityServiceImpl.getActivities and deleteActivities Major 2.0.0.m4
Task AG-1113 Please update the version number in the help-paths.properties file Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1114 Tests for relative url for appId in ShindigActivityServiceImpl and ShindigAppDataServiceImpl Major 2.0.0.m4
Improvement AG-1118 don't create PersonId, ActivityId, or AppId with null id Minor 2.0.0.m4
Sub-task AG-482 Write instructions on writing & running Selenium tests Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Story AG-967 OpenSocial Person + Activity API/SPI Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-968 Retrieve list of all gadgets published by a container Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Story AG-971 Javascript Tests Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-972 Write Javascript tests for 4 recent bugs Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-987 Implement PersonService (org.apache.shindig.social.spi.PersonService) Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-988 Implement ActivityService (org.apache.shindig.social.spi.ActivityService) Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-989 Add some report logging to the javascript tests (surefire-reports or something similar) Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-1012 Implement AppDataService Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-1018 Mavenize JS minification Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-1019 Use individual ajs-gadgets JS files rather than the concatenated version Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-1020 Mavenize JS debug code stripping Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-1042 Add gadget-common-fields.js to com.atlassian.gadgets.publisher:ajs-gadgets resources? Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Task AG-1051 Handle legacy SPI Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Bug AG-1052 downcast in shindig Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Bug AG-1057 Publish DirectoryImpl service via OSGi Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Bug AG-1073 Gadget syndication feed throws NPE Major 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Bug AG-683 Gadgets in directory are getting displayed in single column for some categories in firefox 3 on windows Minor 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Task AG-1049 ui-tests module suggestions Minor 2.0.0.m3 (was 1.1.0.m3)
Sub-task AG-479 Selenium tests fail trying to add the TreeFrog Gadget Major 2.0.0.m2 (was 1.1.0.m2)
Improvement AG-984 Seperate the directory plugin from dashboards Major 2.0.0.m2 (was 1.1.0.m2)
Sub-task AG-986 Add opensocial support to the renderer plugin Major 2.0.0.m2 (was 1.1.0.m2)
Sub-task AG-990 Re-enable social-api module in shindig vendor branch Major 2.0.0.m2 (was 1.1.0.m2)
Sub-task AG-1006 Write Selenium tests for Dashboard Tabs Major 2.0.0.m2 (was 1.1.0.m2)