Package com.atlassian.gadgets.refimpl

Provides an implementation of the SPI for the refapp.


Interface Summary
ExternalGadgetSpecIdGenerator Creates unique IDs to be used when generating new ExternalGadgetSpec objects.

Class Summary
AllowAdminOnlyPluginGadgetSpecProviderPermissionImpl Checks the PluginGadgetSpec for a "admin-only" parameter and, if the value is true, only allows admins to see the gadget in the gadget browser.
ExternalGadgetSpecIdGeneratorImpl Reference implementation of ExternalGadgetSpecIdGenerator.
GadgetStateFactoryImpl A reference implementation of GadgetStateFactory.
PermissionServiceImpl Simple implementation of the permission service.
PluginSettingsExternalGadgetSpecStore This implementation stores ExternalGadgetSpecs to the SAL PluginSettings API.

Package com.atlassian.gadgets.refimpl Description

Provides an implementation of the SPI for the refapp.

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