JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version
Sub-task AG-546 IE: Gadget preferences form does not close on save Major  
Task AG-797 Document the Gadget JavaScript Library Major  
Bug AG-929 The doc link labels are inconsistently capitalised. Change 'create your own gadget' to 'Create your own gadget' Trivial  
Sub-task AG-990 Re-enable social-api module in shindig vendor branch Major 1.1.0.m2
Task AG-647 Split persistent gadget ID from Shindig module ID Critical 1.1.0.m1
Sub-task AG-1000 move DashboardParserTest to Test Framework sub module Major 1.1.0.m1
Sub-task AG-1001 refactor GadgetUserPrefsTest Major 1.1.0.m1
Task AG-1033 Remove logging.properties from renderer plugin Major 1.1.0.m2
New Feature AG-1025 Add support back in for the #oauth callback URL Major 1.1.0.m1
Task AG-1029 Update OAuth and RefApp deps Major 1.0.0.rc3
Task AG-977 Ensure that all dependencies are available in the public maven repository Major 1.1.0.m1
Task AG-993 Upgrade to refapp 2.3.9 Major 1.1.0.m1
Task AG-1015 Update OAuth, ATR and RefApp deps Major 1.1.0.m1
Bug AG-524 (Inconsistent) JS Overlay sometimes doesn't disappear when dismissing dialogs via ESC key Major 1.0.0.rc1
Improvement AG-947 Update dependency on httpclient-osgi bundle to 4.0 Major 1.0.0.rc1
Story AG-465 IE compatibility Critical 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-927 atlassian.util.getRendererBaseUrl(); returns incorrect baseurl for multiple hostnames Critical 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-928 Getting 500 error when adding gadget by URL Critical 1.0.0.m15
Improvement AG-845 Published gadget URLs should contain the module key Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-849 Adding external gadget in IE, user doesn't see the gadget in directory. Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-891 Dragging gadgets between tabs is not user friendly Major 1.0.0.m15
Improvement AG-893 Dragging is slow Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-899 Transparency has gone while dragging Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-907 Viewing the gadget in Canvas mode reset the saved preferences of gadget. Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-911 In gadget directory the down scroll bar icons is not visible Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-912 Minimized gadget dragged and dropped from one tab to another does not get maximize when user try expanding it using any options Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-913 Gadget preferences saved in canvas mode are not there when user restore to normal view Major 1.0.0.m15
Improvement AG-920 Ability to enable Shindig debugging to make Shindig not minimize feature js Major 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-762 Refactor GadgetUrlBiulderImplTest Minor 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-890 User can select two tabs at same time for dragging gadgets Minor 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-901 Gadget minimised in canvas view can't be maximized in normal view in JIRA without page refresh Minor 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-861 Hovering on gadget colour menu shows move cursor, not pointer Trivial 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-917 Focus should be on the "Add gadget" text box when user click on "Add gadget to the directory" button Trivial 1.0.0.m15
Improvement AG-930 When you click on a doc link it loads the docs in your current browser window (over your JIRA) Trivial 1.0.0.m15
Bug AG-854 New version attribute is lost when new DashboardState object is constructed in the DashboardImpl Blocker 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-875 Build failure due to IllegalAccessError Blocker 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-838 Dashboard UI and "Add gadget" is not working on Safari 3.0 Critical 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-856 UpdateGadgetUserPrefsHandler adds 'method' to the list of user prefs Critical 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-869 Maven : tests failing with parent pom update, and -Pdebug exits Critical 1.0.0.m14
Story AG-21 Allow user to drag gadget to a new tab target to move to a different tab Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-374 Button text in Gadget Browser gets replaced by a URL Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-415 Javascript to allow gadget drag-and-drop between tabs Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-542 Limit the number of gadgets that can be added to a dashboard Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-568 IE7: Colour changes don't work Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-671 Get JS Tests running as part of the build Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-768 Review the bundled dependencies Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-802 Gadget menu malfunctioning Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-808 Text on "Add Gadgets" screen Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-809 Add a help link to the "Add Gadgets" screen Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-810 User can view and edit the position of a gadget within the canvas view of another gadget in a spcific gadget position. Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-820 Make gadget UI text consistent for maximise, minimise, restore and expand options Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-826 Non-admin shouldn't see "add gadget to directory" button Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-828 Log Jersey client output in tests Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-829 Change parent POM so that AG deploys to the public repo Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-832 Cleanup compiler warnings Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-833 Dragging to tabs does not work Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-836 Non admin user should n't see "Remove" button for external gadgets in gadget directory. Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-839 More tests for dashboard changes Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-840 Backend changes for REST design change Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-844 Error Gadget REST representation should include an error message Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-846 remove DashboardStateStore.store Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-848 When dragging to tabs in safari, offset is incorrect. Hover state occurs about 100px below tab. Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-859 IE7: Current tab doesn't have full border Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-860 IE7: When dragging gadget to new tab, read-only dashboard tabs disappear Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-863 IE6: Gadget dropdowns are steaming pile of fail Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-874 Moving gadget from one dashboard to another is confusing with the current API Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-876 Move IE-specific styles into IE-specific CSS file Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-881 JS unit testing commit copies files outside of target/ directory, puts jars in the repo, and uses antrun Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-883 Adding gadgets stacks them on top of existing gadgets Major 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-885 Gadget move operation should send gadget representation Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-886 Main
not closed in dashboard.vm
Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-887 IE6: gadget-color menu layout and hover states are wrong Major 1.0.0.m14
Sub-task AG-895 Move dashboard plugin js files from src/main/resources to src/main/javascript Major 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-897 Upgrade Atlassian Plugins to 2.3.0.rc1 Major 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-429 Missing meta data from plugins for Vendor and JIRA Version. Minor 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-724 Update usages of ConsumerTokenStore.put Minor 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-800 Show the number of gadgets to the right of the Category names Minor 1.0.0.m14
Task AG-851 Add an integration test to validate that non-admin buttons are not showing up for non-admin users Minor 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-884 Errors and warnings in IDEA Minor 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-889 change text-indent to padding on gadget headings Minor 1.0.0.m14
Improvement AG-900 Add restore icon to menu bar Minor 1.0.0.m14
Bug AG-785 NullPointerException on DTAC Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-792 OutOfMemoryError running integration tests Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-798 Gadgets are positioned incorrectly on refresh Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-843 Inconsistent test failure in UserPrefsTest Blocker 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-490 Client side queue or batching of setPref calls Critical 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-603 Coming out of canvas mode, all other gadets do not show Critical 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-641 Multi-threaded gadget processor impl will cause problems when accessing dashboard via different hostnames Critical 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-688 Allow gadget requests to the same server as the container to avoid the extra proxy step Critical 1.0.0.m13
Improvement AG-749 Performance improvements in DashboardStateStore Critical 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-799 Positioning bug with tabs and drag and drop Critical 1.0.0.m13
New Feature AG-806 Add findDashboardWithGadget(GadgetId) to DashboardStateStore Critical 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-29 Evaluate security options for the gadget HTTP proxy Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-319 Evaluate and determine proper setting for lockedDomain Shindig property Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-320 Evaluate and determine proper setting for securityTokenType Shindig property Major 1.0.0.m13
Story AG-321 Evaluate Shindig renderer security options Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-390 Searchbox in gadget browser doesn't reset when you "select all and delete" Major 1.0.0.m13
Sub-task AG-416 HTML and CSS to render tabs Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-514 Adding gadget in multi column layout doesn't add the gadget to the column that was selected Major 1.0.0.m13
Bug AG-667 Safari3.0: Gadget drop down menu is not accessible if added gadget is dragged from 2nd column to first column or vice versa in two column layout. Major 1.0.0.m13