Interface LDAPQueryTranslater

All Known Implementing Classes:
ActiveDirectoryQueryTranslaterImpl, LDAPQueryTranslaterImpl

public interface LDAPQueryTranslater

The LDAPQueryTranslater: - Does not support searching based on GroupTermKeys.GROUP_TYPE: this cannot exist as a search restriction. If it does, say hello to IllegalArgumentException. - Assumes that all groups and users are 'active' in the underlying directory implementation. Thus if a subsearch if made for an 'inactive' groups/users, that subsearch is returns nothing.

Method Summary
 LDAPQuery asLDAPFilter(EntityQuery query, LDAPPropertiesMapper ldapPropertiesMapper)

Method Detail


LDAPQuery asLDAPFilter(EntityQuery query,
                       LDAPPropertiesMapper ldapPropertiesMapper)
                       throws NullResultException

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