Interface Summary
Group Represents a group.
GroupWithAttributes Represents a group with attributes.
InternalDirectoryGroup Extends the Group interface with "isLocal".
Membership Details of the direct members of a single group.
TimestampedGroup Extends the Group interface with "updated date" and "created date".

Class Summary
DelegatingGroupWithAttributes Implementation of GroupWithAttributes that simply delegates to an underlying Group and Attributes object.
GroupComparator Supplies re-useable methods for equals, hashcode and compareTo that can be shared with different implementations of Group in order to be compatible.
Groups Utility class for Group
GroupTemplate A publicly mutable Group implementation.
GroupTemplateWithAttributes Mutable group template with mutable attributes.
InternalGroup Encapsulates the concept of group.
InternalGroupAttribute Encapsulates the concept of group attribute.
InternalGroupWithAttributes Encapsulates the concept of group which has attributes.

Enum Summary
GroupType Represents the type of a Group: GROUP: group used to determine authorisation. LEGACY_ROLE: group representing pre-Crowd 2.0 "Role".

Exception Summary
Membership.MembershipIterationException Something went wrong while iterating over a collection of Memberships.

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