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Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action
 class AbstractBrowser<T>
 class ApplicationBaseAction
          Needed so application plugins can get the correct list of web-items without having to depend too heavily on the internals of the way Crowd lays out the page.
 class BaseProgressStepAction
 class ChangeExpiredPassword
 class Console
 class DefaultStartPage
 class ForgottenLoginDetails
          Handles the functionality for the user forgetting their login details.
 class License
 class Login
 class ResetPassword

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.admin

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.admin
 class Administer
          User: Justin Date: 26/02/2007
 class Backup
 class UpdateTrustedProxies
          Removes an address from the list of trusted proxies.
 class ViewTrustedProxies

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.application

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.application
 class AddApplicationAuthorisationDetails
 class AddApplicationConfirmation
 class AddApplicationConnectionDetails
          Connection details for an application
 class AddApplicationDetails
 class AddApplicationDirectoryDetails
 class BaseAddApplicationAction
 class BrowseApplications
 class RemoveApplication
 class UpdateAddresses
 class UpdateApplication
 class UpdateDirectories
 class UpdateGroups
 class ViewApplication
 class ViewApplicationGroups
 class ViewApplicationUsers
          Adds the ability to search for the users in an application by using the functionality of BrowsePrincipals.

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.dataimport

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.dataimport
 class AtlassianImporter
          This action handles the importing of all Atlassian products into Crowd
 class BaseCsvImporter
 class BaseDirectoryImporter
 class BaseImporter
 class CsvConfirmation
          Action class to handle the confimation of the CSV mappings
 class CsvMapping
          Mapping action for the CSV importer
 class DirectoryConfirmation
          Action class to handle the confirmation of the Directory mappings
 class DirectoryImporter
          This action handles the setup of an import from one directory to another.
 class ImportCsv
          Where we build our Configuration for the CSV import
 class ImportJive
 class ImportType

Uses of BaseAction in

Subclasses of BaseAction in
 class AbstractViewDirectory
 class BrowseDirectories
 class CreateConnector
 class CreateCustom
 class CreateDelegated
          Extension of the Connector Action to allow for Delegated Directory Creation
 class CreateDirectory
 class CreateInternal
 class CreateRemoteCrowd
 class RemoveDirectory
 class SynchroniseDirectoryCache
 class SynchroniseDirectoryCacheFromBrowse
 class UpdateConnector
 class UpdateConnectorConfiguration
          Action to handle updating configuration details for a 'Connector' based directory.
 class UpdateConnectorConnection
          Action to handle updating connection details for a 'Connector' based directory.
 class UpdateCustom
 class UpdateCustomAttributes
          Update Action specifically for Custom Directory Attributes
 class UpdateDelegated
          Update Action specifically for the Delegated Directory type
 class UpdateDelegatedConfiguration
          Update Action specifically for the Delegated Directory type
 class UpdateDelegatedConnection
          Update Action specifically for the Delegated Directory type
 class UpdateInternal
 class UpdateInternalConfiguration
          Action that handles updating the configuration for an Internal Directory
 class UpdateOptions
 class UpdatePermissions
          Action to handle the updating of Internal Directory Permissions
 class UpdateRemoteCrowd
 class UpdateRemoteCrowdConnection
          Action to handle updating connection details for a remote Crowd directory.
 class ViewConnector
 class ViewCustom
 class ViewDelegated
          Extension of the View Connector Action to allow for Delegated Directory Viewing
 class ViewInternal
 class ViewRemoteCrowd

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.error

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.error
 class ErrorAction
          Error action that populates a webwork action with Johnson Events

Uses of BaseAction in

Subclasses of BaseAction in
 class AddGroup
 class BrowseGroups
 class RemoveGroup
 class UpdateGroup
 class UpdateGroupMembers
 class ViewGroup
 class ViewGroupMembers
          Action to view the Principals for a given group
 class ViewGroupNestedPrincipals

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.options

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.options
 class SystemInfo
 class UpdateConnectionPool
 class UpdateGeneral
 class UpdateLicensing
 class UpdateLoggingProfiling
          Allows configuration of logging and profiling.
 class UpdateMailServer
 class UpdateMailTemplate
 class UpdateSessionConfig

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.pickers

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.pickers
 class SearchPicker
 class ViewPicker

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.principal

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.principal
 class AddPrincipal
 class BrowsePrincipals
 class RemovePrincipal
 class UpdateAliases
 class UpdateAttributes
 class UpdatePrincipal
 class ViewPrincipal

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.session

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.session
 class BrowseApplicationSessions
 class BrowsePrincipalSessions
 class RemoveSession

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.setup

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.setup
 class BaseSetupAction
 class Complete
 class Database
          Select the type of database to configure Crowd with: Embedded (HSQLDB) External JDBC (C3P0 pooled) External Datasource (externally pooled) Once a database type is correctly selected, this action will configure the database with the appropriate schema.
 class DefaultAdministrator
 class DirectoryInternal
          Create a default internal directory during setup.
 class Import
          Web action to handle the import of Crowd data via XML
 class Installation
          Select and set (in crowd.cfg.xml) the installation type for the setup: New Installation Upgrade from XML Backup Upgrade from existing Database See CrowdSetupPersister for more information regarding the flow of the setup process with respect to the installation type.
 class Integration
 class MailServer
 class Options
 class SelectSetupStep
          Decides which step in the setup process we are up to.

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.user

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.console.action.user
 class BaseUserAction
 class ChangePassword
 class EditProfile
 class ViewApplications
 class ViewGroups

Uses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.plugin.saml.action

Subclasses of BaseAction in com.atlassian.crowd.plugin.saml.action
 class SAMLAuthAction
          Action responsible for servicing SAML authentication requests.
 class UpdateSAMLConfiguration

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