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Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.harness

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.harness
static class ConfigurationFromFileCrowdAcceptanceTestHarness.RestCrowdClientTestNoRestore

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests

Fields in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests declared as CrowdAcceptanceTestCase
protected  CrowdAcceptanceTestCase ApplicationAcceptanceTestCase.crowdConsole

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.administration

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.administration
 class BackupTest
 class ErrorPageTest
 class GeneralAdministrationTest
 class LoggingProfilingTest
 class SessionConfigTest
 class SystemInfoTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd
 class AddApplicationTest
          Web acceptance test for the adding of an Application
 class AddDirectoryTest
          Test to look at adding multiple directory types Roles are disabled by default
 class AddGroupLDAPTest
          Web acceptance test for the adding of a Group
 class AddGroupTest
          Web acceptance test for the adding of a Group
 class AddPrincipalTest
          Web acceptance test for the adding of a Principal
 class AliasTest
 class AutoGroupAdderTest
 class BackupRestoreTest
 class BrowseApplicationsTest
 class BrowseDirectoriesTest
 class BrowseGroupsTest
          Test the searching of groups
 class BrowsePrincipalSessionsTest
 class BrowsePrincipalsTest
          Test the searching of principals
 class ChangeExpiredPasswordTest
 class ConfluenceImporterTest
 class ConsoleLoginTest
          Authentication tests for the Crowd Console.
 class CrowdAcceptanceTestCaseWithEmailServer
          Extends CrowdAcceptanceTestCase with an email server.
 class CrowdifiedConfluenceImporterTest
 class CrowdifiedJiraImporterTest
 class CrowdXsrfProtectionTest
 class CsvImporterTest
          Test's the adding of a CSV file into Crowd
 class DelegatedDirectoryTest
 class DelegatedDirectoryWithNestedGroupsTest
          Extra tests on top of DelegatedDirectoryTest to cover LDAP directories with nested groups.
 class DirectoryConfigurationReadFromFileTest
 class DirectoryImporterTest
          Acceptance tests for the directory based importer.
 class DirectoryPermissionGroupTest
 class DirectoryPermissionRoleTest
 class DirectoryPermissionUserTest
 class EscapedDnTest
          This test modifies the data in the ApacheDS server.
 class ExpireSessionTest
 class GzipFilterOptionTest
          Tests to make sure Gzip filer on/off works.
 class JiraImporterTest
 class LicenseMaintenanceTest
 class ModifyApplicationPermissionsTest
          Test Case that modifies the application-permission for directory mappings
 class ModifyApplicationRemoteAddressesTest
 class OGNLDoubleEvaluationTest
 class OGNLInjectionTest
 class RecalculateLicenseTest
          A test class that looks at the license resource count for Crowd
 class RemoteDirectoryNestedGroupTest
 class RemoveApplicationTest
          Test the removing of an application
 class RemoveDirectoryTest
          Test the removing of a directory
 class RemoveGroupLDAPTest
          Web acceptance test for the removing of an LDAP Group
 class ResetPrincipalPasswordTest
 class SetupCrowdTest
          This test will run in a specific order to make sure we get through the setup process in once piece.
 class SetupCrowdWithDatabase
          Runs through the setup process for Crowd (based on SetupCrowdTest) with the option to specify a database to use (rather than using hsqldb) Note: 1.
 class SynchroniseCrowdDirectoryFullSubsetTest
          Tests that we can synchronise successfully with remote Crowd directory while using full sync with a CQL user filter (the way we expect it will be used in On Demand).
 class SynchroniseCrowdDirectoryFullTest
 class SynchroniseCrowdDirectoryTest
          Tests that we can synchronise successfully with remote Crowd directory.
 class SynchroniseDirectoryTest
          Relevant structure of Apache DS 151 dc=example,dc=com ou=Users [users - 6 in total] uid=mplanck (Max Planck) uid=aeinstein (Albert Einstein) uid=nbohr (Neils Bohr) uid=mborn (Max Born) uid=wpauli (Wolfgang Pauli) uid=mcurie (Marie Curie) [groups - none] ou=sandbox [users - 4 in total] uid=mflinders (Matthew Flinders) uid=jcook (James Cook) uid=jstuart (John Stuart) uid=joxley (John Oxley) [groups - 2 in total] cn=ExplorersClub (members: mflinders, jcook, jstuart, joxley) cn=EliteExplorersClub (members: jstuart, joxley) ou=Groups [users - none] [groups - 3 in total] cn=superUsers (member: uid=admin,ou=system) cn=userAdmins (member: uid=admin,ou=system) cn=Misc (members: mplanck, aeinstein, mborn, mflinders, joxley) ou=test [users - none] [groups - none] ou=system uid=admin Note: The user "uid=admin,ou=system" is not visible as it is actually on the same level as 'dc=example,dc=com'
 class UpdateApplicationDirectoryGroupTest
 class UpdateConnectionPoolTest
 class UpdateGroupLDAPTest
          Web acceptance test for the update of an LDAP Group
 class ViewApplicationDirectoriesTest
 class ViewApplicationTest
          Tests updates to an application
 class ViewDirectoryTest
          Tests to look at updating Crowd directories
 class ViewGroupLDAPTest
          Test class for testing the updating of a group in an external (LDAP) directory
 class ViewGroupTest
          Test class for testing the updating of a group
 class ViewOptionsTest
          Test class to test the setting of options in the Crowd Console
 class ViewPrincipalTest
          Tests the functionality of the View Principal page
 class ViewRoleTest
          Test class for testing the updating of a group
 class XWorkELClassloaderTest
          This test specifically targets , a vulnerability that allows EL expressions in XWork actions to traverse the object graph to the classloader and call setters to change its configuration.

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.legacy

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.legacy
 class BaseLegacyXmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd10XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd11XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd12XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd13XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd14XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd15XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd16XmlRestoreTest
 class Crowd20XmlRestoreTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.performance

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.performance
 class LargeCsvImporterTest
          Test CSV import of 1000 users, 100 groups and 5000 members.
 class VeryLargeCsvImporterTest
          These two tests are not part of the standard acceptance test harness:



Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.plugin

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.plugin
 class ApplicationPluginPermissioningTest
 class ViewApplicationPluginTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.plugin.saml

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.plugin.saml
 class SAMLAuthTest
          This tests the SAML Authentication interaction but does not rigorously examine the actual response message sent back to Google.
 class UpdateSAMLConfigurationTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.user

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowd.user
 class ChangePasswordTest
 class CrowdUserConsoleAcceptenceTestCase
 class EditProfileTest
 class ResetPasswordTest
 class ViewApplicationsTest
 class ViewGroupsTest
 class ViewRolesTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowdid

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.applications.crowdid
 class CrowdIDAcceptanceTestCase
 class PublicIdentityTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.client

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.client
 class AuthenticationTokenTest
 class SecurityServerClientGroupTest
 class SecurityServerClientPrincipalTest
 class SecurityServerClientTest
 class XFireGzipTest
          Inspects the Crowd Client Headers for a single user-agent header.

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.client.load

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.client.load
 class PrincipalAuthenticationLoadTest
 class SecurityServerClientBulkAddTest
 class TokenValidationLoadTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in
 class DbCachingLoadAndOperateTest
          Tests that DbCaching directories can still function while a synchronisation is occurring.
 class DbCachingLoadMutationTest
          Tests will create and remove users/groups/memberships in the base of the test OU in order to test sync performance if there has been changes made to the LDAP directory.
 class DbCachingLoadTest
          Summary of the loadTesting ou that exists on crowd-ad1 and TPM
 class RemoteCrowdDirectoryTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in
 class HordeRestXmlParsingTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in
 class RestXmlParsingTest

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in
 class RestCrowdClientTest
          Tests the RestCrowdClient.

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.soap

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.tests.soap
 class InformationLeakingTestBase
 class SoapXmlParsingTest
 class WsdlTest
          Tests that the WSDL is exactly the same as in Crowd 2.0.x.

Uses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.utils

Subclasses of CrowdAcceptanceTestCase in com.atlassian.crowd.acceptance.utils
 class AbstractDbCachingLoadTest
          Contains constants and helper methods that are shared between DbCachingLoad tests The LDAP server properties will be determined by the property file provided in the system property: tpm.loadtest.file

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