Package com.atlassian.crowd.exception

Exception Summary
ApplicationAccessDeniedException User does not have access to authenticate against application.
ApplicationNotFoundException Thrown when an application is not found.
ApplicationPermissionException This is Exception is thrown if an Application does not have a required permission
BulkAddFailedException An exception that is raised when the Bulk Creation of users failed.
DirectoryCurrentlySynchronisingException Thrown when an operation failed because the directory is currently synchronising.
DirectoryInstantiationException Exception when a RemoteDirectory implementation can not be loaded by a Directory.
ExpiredCredentialException Thrown when user's credentials have expired.
InvalidAuthenticationException Thrown when the attempted authentication is not valid.
InvalidAuthorizationTokenException Thrown when the authenticated token is invalid.
InvalidCredentialException Thrown when the supplied credential is not valid.
InvalidEmailAddressException Thrown when the email address is not valid.
InvalidGroupException An exception to denote an invalid model group.
InvalidMembershipException This Exception happens when a user tries to create a Nested Group membership that is not valid.
InvalidRoleException Thrown when an invalid role is provided.
InvalidSearchTermException Thrown when no search terms are provided.
InvalidTokenException Thrown when an invalid token is provided.
MembershipNotFoundException Used to denote that a particular USER-GROUP or GROUP-GROUP membership does not exist.
NestedGroupsNotSupportedException This Exception is thrown when a user attempts to add a group to another group in a Directory that does not support nested groups.
ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when an entity is not found.
OperationFailedException Represents an error when contacting the remote directory (eg.
PasswordEncoderException An exception that is thrown if we have failed to encrypt a password with a given PasswordEncoder
PasswordEncoderNotFoundException This exception is thrown if no PasswordEncoder is found when a lookup is done on the PasswordEncoderFactory
PermissionException Permission Exception this Exception will handle Exceptions to do with CRUD operations on Applications, Directories etc.
TokenExpiredException Used when the token has expired and is not valid anymore.
TokenNotFoundException Used when the token does not exist in the server.

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