Package com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.api

Interface Summary
ApplicationFactory Necessary evil as Crowd's Application is a concrete class.
Attributes Represents attributes that can be associated to users and groups.
ConnectionPoolProperties The system-wide settings for LDAP connection pooling, as provided by JNDI.
CrowdAdminService Provides the interface for performing administrative tasks in Crowd for applications embedding Crowd.
Directory Represents a Directory in Crowd.
Query<T> Represents a search query for user management.
UserWithAttributes Combination of a User and the user's Attributes.

Class Summary
DirectorySynchronisationInformation Simple object to store synchronisation information for synchronisable directories lastSyncStartTime - the last time in milliseconds (since epoch) when the synchronisation was started lastSyncDurationInSeconds - the time in seconds the last synchronisation took currentSyncStartTime - the start time in milliseconds of the current synchronisation process (if one is running)
PasswordCredential Password based authentication information.
UserComparator Supplies re-useable methods for equals, hashcode and compareTo that can be shared with different implementations of User in order to be compatible.

Enum Summary

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