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Packages that use BoxedValue

Uses of BoxedValue in com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.htmlsafe

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.htmlsafe that implement BoxedValue
 class HtmlFragment
          Simple wrapper class for adding HtmlSafe values directly to a Velocity context.

Uses of BoxedValue in com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.introspection

Subinterfaces of BoxedValue in com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.introspection
 interface AnnotationBoxedElement
          This is a union of the BoxedValue and AnnotatedElement interfaces to be implemented by implementations that are responsible for associating annotations with an object.

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.introspection that implement BoxedValue
 class AnnotatedValue
          An annotated value associates a collection of annotations with a value.
 class ToStringDelegatingAnnotationBoxedElement
          AnnotationBoxedElement that delegates all operations to the wrapped element except for toString() which is delegated to the boxed value itself.

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